Your Rules or Ours, Your Choice

EdgeRules™ gives you instant control over how your content is delivered. You can customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO and mobile experience.

Start With a Recipe

We have pre-made recipes for the most common EdgeRule™ uses. However, for more custom results, you can create your own recipes with just one click.

Optimize Your Origin Server

Reduce the number of calls made to your origin server when you block requests, create custom redirects, manipulate headers or more.

Go Mobile

Create separate caches, one for mobile devices and another for desktops. This smart way of delivering content ensures the best experience for your users on any device.

Technical Details

Explore the extensive capabilities of StackPath's Secure Content Delivery, including Custom Rules, Bot Redirection, Geographic Blocking and much more.

Creating a Custom EdgeRule™
Hide X-Powered-By Header
Hide S3 Headers
Add X-XSS-Protection Header
Block by Country
Redirect All Bots
Add X-Robots-Tag
CORS Headers
Hide Server Header
Force HTTPS Connections
Add X-Frame-Options Header
Redirect by Referrer
Redirect by Country
Add Canonical Header