Web Application Firewall

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DDoS Mitigation

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Physical Infrastructure

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Data & Network Security

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Web Application Firewall

Our advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) is available at no additional charge with any StackPath SecureCDN package to protect your CDN-enabled application with behavioral analysis, static rules and near-zero latency. *

  • Custom Rules

    Create sophisticated rules based on multiple possible scopes: IP, IP Range, User Agent, Headers and more.

  • Automated Traffic Detection

    Detect and block automated traffic so you can prevent the attack before it even starts.

  • IP Reputation

    Block and challenge traffic coming from hosting farms, Tor exit nodes, VPN networks and more.

  • Accurate Detection at the Device Level

    This creates a very low false-positive result.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Live analytics and log access lets you see what's happening in real time.

* WAF is not active by default; it must be activated and configured by user.

DDoS Mitigation

The StackPath platform includes concentric layers of security that protect against SYN floods and UDP floods. When activated, our Web Application Firewall provides even more DDoS protection.

  • Scalable Protection

    Capable of neutralizing the largest DDoS and other volumetric attacks.

  • Sink Hole Enabled Network

    Strategically placed sink holes are positioned to mitigate stubborn attacks.

  • 5-layer Mitigation

    A combination of layers of security provides protection against SYN floods and UDP floods.

  • Low Latency

    Geo-distributed DDoS protection is installed in all StackPath PoPs, meaning no geographic increase in latency.

Physical Infrastructure

Our network Points of Presence, placed in strategic locations worldwide, are operated with strict security policies and procedures to ensure the highest level of access control and system security.

  • Biometrics

    Encrypted database verifies over 31,000 data points for access.

  • Cameras

    Live camera feeds at every physical point of access and inside every cage.

  • Human Verification

    Visual sign-in and credential verification from highly trained security personnel.

Data & Network Security

  • Network Scanning

    Regular ping sweeps, port and vulnerability scans for the detection of unauthorized usage of protocols, ports, and services on StackPath assets.

  • Malware Defense

    Extensive automation and configuration management to address need for authentication, data gathering, and remediation.