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Platform Features

DDoS Mitigation

Cloud based DDoS protection technology protects against SYN floods, UDP floods, volumetric attacks and other DDoS attacks.

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Behavioral analysis, static rules and near-zero latency keep zero-day exploits looking for other, less-fortified targets.

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Origin Shield

Origin Shield protects your server from request overload.

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Enabled in real-time, EdgeSSL™ is served from each PoP. Not only is this faster, but it also frees up your origin server from this CPU intensive task.

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Black Lists

Block abusive sites from hotlinking your assets and claiming ownership without interfering with your regular visitors' experience.

Two Step Authentication

When you enable this login process, the person logging in needs your physical phone in addition to the correct login credentials.

Secure Tokens

Control access to your SecureCDN assets. You can secure them with a password or the time the asset is available. Use our Control Panel or execute the Secure Token using PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, node.js. or .NET.

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