DDoS Protection

Layers of security provides full DDoS protection for attacks at any size, our multilayer approach will automatically detect and mitigate any type of attack targeting resources at layers 3-4 and the application layer.

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Large Scale Attack Mitigation

Performance Protection

Our high-capacity network processes large volumes of traffic on a regular basis, allowing us to successfully protect clients against large DDoS attacks without any performance degradation.

Global Data

Intelligent Prevention

The real-time telemetry of our network shares information about IP addresses between all of our PoPs, allowing us to globally block attacks no matter where in the world they begin.

Application Layer Defense

Full Stack Security

Our WAF protects against application-layer attacks, with behavioral algorithms that detect malicious automated traffic and block it before reaching your server.

01 UDP Flood Protection
02 SYN Flood Protection
03 HTTP Flood

UDP Flood Protection

We block UDP floods, where an attack deluges random ports of a host server with UDP protocol packets causing it to eventually be unreachable to other clients.

SYN Flood Protection

We block TCP SYN floods, where an attack sends multiple SYN requests, but either does not respond to the host’s SYN-ACK response or sends the SYN requests from a spoofed IP address, making the host server wait for acknowledgement of the requests and keeping it from making new connections with other clients.

HTTP Flood

We block HTTP floods (layer 7), where attacks send what seem to be legitimate, session-based sets of HTTP GET or POST requests to an application on a host server, exhausting the applications resources and causing it to deny service to other clients.