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Our content delivery network (CDN) is one of the most performant and reliable distributed services available. And thousands of businesses rely on it to deliver both small and large files at breakneck speed. Video streams, website assets, software patches, and audio files are just a few examples of the static content distributed to global audiences with our CDN.

Below, you’ll find stories about StackPath customers leveraging StackPath’s CDN to make their digital content more instantly accessible.

Using CDN for Netflix-grade video streaming

Mux supports billions of high performance video streams for leading publishers such as Vimeo and TED with StackPath’s CDN. Mux drives HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) latency down to the lowest levels possible to help development teams deliver video streaming solutions with Netflix-like quality.

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Using CDN for faster patch downloads

By moving all downloads for its chat clients and servers to StackPath, TeamSpeak continues to deliver mission-critical voice communication for gamers and industries that require lag-free and secure online communications.

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Using CDN for mobile game ads

StackPath’s CDN is used by Chartboost, an in-app monetization and programmatic advertising company, to deliver ads quickly and reliably to an audience of 900M unique monthly users across more than 300,000 mobile games.

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Using CDN to distribute JavaScript assets

As one of the most deployed HTML5 open source video technologies, Flowplayer has developed the lightest and fastest video player among all competing platforms. By implementing StackPath’s CDN, all Flowplayer Javascript assets are delivered at a velocity that matches the performance of their ultra-lean video player.

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Using CDN for high-traffic podcasts

S-Town, an investigative journalism podcast developed by the creators of This American Life and Serial, uses StackPath for fast podcast downloads and uninterrupted streaming experiences. S-Town broke records when it was downloaded more than 10 million times in less than four days.

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Using CDN for API acceleration

Revcontent, a content discovery and advertising platform, uses StackPath’s CDN to cache API responses at the Internet’s edge to improve the load time of custom widgets made with Revcontent’s API.

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Using CDN for Alexa skills streaming

Invoked Apps uses StackPath to stream audio to smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo to reduce latency-related issues for the company’s Alexa skills that are used by over 300,000 daily users.

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Using CDN for faster e-commerce

The online jewelry retailer, Jewlr, provides a frictionless shopping experience using StackPath’s CDN while protecting its digital assets with StackPath’s WAF and DDoS mitigation technologies.

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