Everything you love about CDN, with added security and performance

SecureCDN is one of the largest content delivery networks on the planet, built for speed and security on our private global backbone with PoPs on five continents. Our performance ranks right at the top in response time and throughput, and our customers love the control they gain with real-time analytics, instant purge, content configurations, and custom EdgeRules.

We Offer More Than Other CDNs

  WAF Included

  Full-Site Acceleration Included

  EdgeRulesTM Included

  No Contracts

  Origin Shield Included

  Unlimited Sites*

Web Application Firewall

Protect your sites and applications from malicious traffic, scraping, and bots. Use SecureCDN’s WAF rules to allow, challenge, or block traffic by creating custom scenarios, OWASP Top 10 filtering, or any number of configurations.

Raw Logs

Access to the raw logs for your account is now free in every SecureCDN plan. Get deep insights into your network and application activity from your dashboard or export to S3.*

Flat Pricing Worldwide

Bandwidth into and out of every country is billed at flat rate, depending on your plan. Yes, including South America, and APAC!

24/7 Support

We include 24/7 customer support for every StackPath customer. Our teams work around the clock to help you get started, optimize your implementation of the CDN, and troubleshoot issues when they arise.

*Included in 25000 GB Plan
StackPath WAF


See how your site handles good and bad traffic in real-time

StackPath Raw Logs

Raw Logs

View and filter site access records for full transparency

StackPath CDN2 Network Coverage

20+ Points of Presence including APAC and Brazil

More network. More security. More features.

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