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Everything customers love about Highwinds is available from StackPath. Learn more about StackPath CDN, and the entire StackPath edge computing platform.

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More PoPs = Faster Delivery

While legacy Highwinds CDN had exceptional performance, StackPath CDN is powered by 45 (and counting) advanced edge locations around the world. That means content your cached more closely to more of your end users than before.

Web Application Firewall

StackPath CDN integrates natively with StackPath WAF, a cloud firewall designed to require zero-touch configuration, and to continue getting smarter as it is used. Traffic is constantly analyzed to profile behavior, detect inconsistencies, and determine reputation, leveraging advanced intelligence algorithms and expert security analysts. Every attack makes StackPath WAF smarter and even more secure from emerging threats.

Two Tier Architecture

Our unique two-tiered architecture features a centralized WAF Intelligence Cluster that analyzes traffic data from all requests in all SP// WAF locations and applies that learning and other threat intelligence to determine whether to block or allow new traffic.

Device-level Fingerprinting

Patented device-level fingerprinting technology distinguishes individual devices—not just individual IP addresses—to take a better look at suspicious traffic and reduce false or missed positives from situations, like bad devices using different IPs or good devices using “bad” IPs.

Built-in Policies

Powerful WAF policies created by our expert team are automatically activated for each WAF site you create—with no action needed from you or additional cost required— addressing vulnerabilities related to OWASP Top 10 threats, CSRF attacks, automation and bot protection, and more.

Anti-Automation Suite / Bot Traffic Protection

Patented technology stops malicious activities—like inventory lockups, scraping and price stealing—from automated tools and bots, identifying and covering tactics and threats including common traffic anomalies, automated clients, domain-specific traffic anomalies, and headless browsers.

Customized Rules Engine

An easy-to-use rules editor lets you create EdgeRules™ that enforce your own policies and automate protection behaviors, including rate limiting, block and allow list IP addresses and ranges, and perform CAPTCHA.

Layer-7 DDoS Attack Mitigation

Overlapping layers of threshold rules (domain, burst, sub-second) recognize application layer DDoS attacks and activate the protection of individual or clustered resources, while machine-learned models of normal traffic allow good traffic through even while DDoS attacks are being mitigated.

SSL Certificate Management

EdgeSSL, our SSL certificate management solution, lets you move the burden of SSL from your origins and reduce the performance costs of SSL encryption by serving your certificates from the edge. Use your own private SSL certificate uploaded to the StackPath Control Portal, or a free private SSL certificate provided by StackPath.

Data & Analytics

Built-in monitoring and reports provide real-time visibility of WAF activity, with all the details of any security event available.

Flexible Customization with EdgeRules™

StackPath CDN still lets you take instant control over how your content is delivered with EdgeRules™. Customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO, and mobile experience to your needs, all from the edge.

301 Redirects

Send visitors to where you want them from the edge by creating a 301 redirect EdgeRule.

Add/Remove Headers

Send visitors to where you want them from the edge by creating a 301 redirect EdgeRule.

Cache Management

Set a specific cache or noCache rule based on request information.

URL Signing

Protect your content with URL signing at the edge.

Deliver All Around the World

Our advanced, high-performance network keeps your content right next to your end users worldwide.

All PoPs Included

Every edge location of our advanced global network is included with StackPath CDN, with no additional charges for using the whole map or any specific region.

Upfront Monthly Pricing
StackPath CDN includes more per dollar than any other, and cost-effective rates for additional consumption.

Additional Features

EdgeRules Included

Activate ready-to-use rules to customize delivery, content protection, security, origin relationships, SEO, mobile user experiences, and more.

Free Private EdgeSSL Certificate

Serve SSL certificates from the edge to accelerate performance and increase availability by taking SSL workload off of the origin.

Serverless Scripting

Incorporate custom logic into workflows, deliver personalized content, modify end user experiences, and more, without managing infrastructure.

Real-time Analytics

Leverage detailed data points about content delivery and traffic, with advanced reporting capabilities and analytics.

Custom Rules Editor

Further customize delivery by creating and configuring unique rules, with a ready-made rule recipes to use as templates or starting points.

Segmented Downloads

Optimize file delivery with segmented downloading that keeps track of the sections of large files that users request or have already received.

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