VMs at the edge.
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Lightning-fast deployment

Deploy VMs in locations around the world with the click.

Up to 2.6x faster connections

Move data faster between end users and applications.

43 markets worldwide

Have processing power right where you have the most end-users.

Useful automations

Automate deployment and configs, auto-scale within and across locations.

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When is a VM not just a VM? When it is deployed closer to your end user, proving fundamental advantages for use cases including:

Media servers

Deploy your video- and audio-serving applications and services closer to end users to accelerate delivery, improve media quality, provide greater personalization, optimize costs, and more.

Game servers

Run game servers and applications closer to end users to reduce lag, minimize disconnects, better manage capacity spikes, customize game content, provide superior player experiences, improve ops, and more.

Virtual security appliances

Put software-defined firewalls, intrusion protection devices, or VPN nodes, where they can to intercept traffic earlier, adapt and scale on the fly, and support flexible operational models.

Performance features

SP// VMs put powerful cloud-computing features and flexibility right at the edge of the Internet, including:

Ansible/Terreform Integration

Automate deployment and configuration of edge VMs using dev tools and utilities that are already part of your workflow.

Auto-scaling, image capture and storage

Auto-scale within and across SP// edge locations; capture and store VM images to streamline future deployment and scaling.

Private Network Backbone

A private network backbone between SP// edge locations accelerates and protects data and workloads around the world.

Direct Connect

Seamlessly integrate SP// VMs into private or third-party networks to optimize performance and cost of operations.

Right time and right place

Latency-sensitive workloads, applications, and virtual appliances need the right balance of price and proximity.

Our edge locations let you deploy VMs right in the metros where you have the most end users (and integrate with compute power you have elsewhere), with a global private backbone that moves bits faster and safer.



EDGE Locations


Egress Capacity


SP// VMs work seamlessly with our full family of edge solutions, including:

StackPath CDN

Lightning-fast content and asset delivery with all PoPs included, integrated security options, and exceptional cache controls.

StackPath WAF

Enterprise-class website and application protection, with OWASP Top 10, bot/scraping, and L7 DDoS attack protection

StackPath Containers

Cloud computing right at the edge of the internet, perfect for latency-sensitive applications, services, and software-defined appliances.

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