Seize the edge. Every facet of our platform is fully automated and driven by robust, open APIs. And we’ve used the same APIs to build a powerful yet easy-to-use customer portal, giving you direct access to and control over your services and account, as well as real-time data and analytics.

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Intuitive Interfaces

Simplified Management

It doesn’t matter how powerful a tool is if it’s impossible to use. We take great care to make it as easy as possible to manage our platform through our customer portal, for nearly any level of technical expertise.

Full Automation

Complete Control

If it can’t be automated, it can’t be in our platform. That means that we are able to extend full, real-time control and transparency of every service and feature to you, through our robust APIs and our integrated web interface.

Users & Permissions

Secure Access

Putting you in the front seat doesn’t mean we’ve opened the front door. Access to our services, APIs, and customer portal is secured via SSL, two-factor authentication, and integral security built into our platform.

01 API
02 Customer Portal
03 Real-time Analytics
04 24x7 Support


Yes. There's an API for that.

Underpinning every inch of our platform is a comprehensive but streamlined RESTful API—every deployment and configuration option, analytics graph or report, user action, and account management function. Automate workflows, pull StackPath data into your own systems, and much more, right from the command line.

Customer Portal

Finally, edge meets DIY.

Our customer portal puts total control of our entire platform directly in your hands. And we work hard to make it easy and intuitive, so that you only have to manage what you really want to manage, and don’t get lost in screens of settings and switches.

  • Self-service signup and management
    Create, manage, and deploy your account and services with as much or little help as you desire.
  • Simplified deployment and control
    Use easy-to-follow workflows that streamline setting up and managing your services.
  • Advanced and granular controls
    Access advanced settings if you want to tailor and tweak any aspect of your services to your unique needs or interests.
  • Easy-to-use subaccounts
    Create subaccounts if you’re reselling our web services or managing multiple properties and want to segment reporting and configuration.
  • Real-time receipts
    Visual evidence that a purge or upload has completed gives you confidence that your content has been deleted or added globally.

Real-time Analytics

Ready to report.

Our analytics engines provide data about our platform and services in real time. And advanced reporting capabilities gives everyone from developers to ops teams and executives the ability to see the numbers they want.

  • Built-in Graphs and Reports
    A wide range of standard reports and charts are available in the customer portal. Each draw from aggregate, per file, and per location data streams to provide multiple key metrics.
  • Customized Reporting
    You can create, customize, and save report parameters to segment and share data however is most meaningful to your needs or audience—per service, per domain, per protocol, or even per planet.

24x7 Support

We're around, ‘round the clock.

Even geniuses need a hand from time to time. Our support team and a wide-range of resources are always at the ready to help you troubleshoot or optimize your services.

  • 24x7 Network Operations Center
    Our NOC is staffed around the clock by our top network engineers, constantly monitoring, tuning, and reporting any issues with our entire platform.
  • 24x7 chat, ticket, and phone support
    Expert technical support and account support are available at all times for issues or questions.
  • Thorough documentation and technical resources
    Find firsthand the answers you’re looking for, in our thorough documentation, thoughtful tutorials, and extensive API resources.
  • Developer community and enablement
    Engage with other developers and StackPath engineers to do more with the StackPath through our growing developer community.

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