Give your solutions a stronger edge. Our 40Tbps global network features an advanced architecture, customized hardware, redundant tier-1 carrier connections, and full stack deployment in each location to create a platform that’s safer, faster, and far more flexible.

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Platform Network Map
01 Tier-1 Carriers
02 Cloud-scale Design
03 Full-stack Sites
04 Innovative Protection

Tier-1 Carriers

Every PoP in our network has redundant connections with multiple tier-1 carriers, giving our network exceptional speed, availability, and scalability.

Meet our transit carriers

Cloud-scale Design

Built to scale, in every direction.

Our network was designed to be cloud scale, using architectures and operational principles that other edge service providers don’t follow. This approach gives you immediate availability, exceptional capacity, and nearly endless possibilities for what you can do with our platform.

Full-stack Sites

Every service in every PoP.

Every StackPath location is designed for a full-deployment of our advanced edge PoP architecture—not just a single server shoved into someone else’s cabinet. Every PoP can deliver every service, grows on demand, and provides robust performance with exceptional value.

Innovative Protection

Smarter is stronger.

Our network security technologies blocks most threats before they ever reach our secure edge services. Those technologies include an unprecedented approach to DDoS mitigation that enables us to neutralize attacks faster and smarter than other platforms.

Learn about our DDoS protection

Peering Partners

Fewer hops. Faster throughput.

We peer with more than 2,600 network providers and 28,000 ASNs around the world (total number of visible ASNs is more than 49,000). That lets us hand more traffic directly to last-mile networks where end-users are browsing—approximately 95% of the time in Europe and 85% of the time in the United States—for a high-quality end user experience.

View our Peering Policy
Additional Infrastructure Features

Network Optimization

Built-in DNS

Our highly available and scalable domain name system (DNS) helps you better control the routing of user requests to StackPath services as well as to external infrastructure. It also is built into our deployment processes, simplifying the setup and management of your StackPath services.

Speed & Capacity

Terabit Throughput

We’re allergic to capacity checks and bottle necks. All servers in our fleet feature 10/25/40/100Gbps connectivity. Each PoP is designed to scale almost endlessly. And our engineers work nonstop to figure out even more and better ways to open the throttle and throughput.

Networking Hardware

Enterprise-grade Networking

Every PoP leverages top-of-the-line edge routers, and high-density, layer-3, top-of-rack spine switches to deliver high-performance, highly-scalable routing, switching, and security features that harden, optimize, and accelerate every facet of our platform.

Storage Performance

SSD-equipped Servers

We only use solid state drives (SSDs) for the local storage in the servers we deploy. SSDs promise the fastest read/write times as well as superior uptime and data resiliency. When it comes to security and perfect user experiences, every byte counts and each millisecond matters.

Network Design

Ringed & Redundant Topology

With multiple, independent tier-1 carriers connecting each of our PoPs, we can intelligently route traffic around network congestion, weather-caused outages, and other performance obstacles. Service providers who solely rely on their own network can’t.

Network Performance

Global Traffic Management

Our proprietary traffic and load balancing technology helps guarantee the best end user experience. Armed with a view of the whole network, it makes decisions in real time to route traffic through the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective path.

Network Quality

QoS Controls

Not all traffic is created equal. Our infrastructure includes multiple quality of service (QoS) control mechanisms that identify and react to different types of traffic, and then handle them intelligently, simultaneously, to increase efficiency and lower bandwidth costs.

Network Support

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Our advanced Network Operations Centers (NOC) are staffed around the clock with experienced support and ops experts, constantly managing bandwidth, packets, and errors. Alerts are provided based on metrics including thresholds, rate changes, trends, and more.