Founded in 2015, StackPath is the vision for a frictionless and scalable security platform specifically designed to accommodate the crushing demand of traffic on the Internet and the seemingly endless new point solutions purporting to fix the latest threat, in an ever-expanding spectrum of cyber threats.


In one of the largest funding rounds for a private cybersecurity firm, StackPath has nearly $180 million in funding, $150 million of which comes from Boston-based private equity company, ABRY Partners.


Since 2016, StackPath has acquired five companies to become a security-as-a-service platform and increase our network of customers.

Highwinds, February 4, 2017

MaxCDN, July 25, 2016

Fireblade, July 25, 2016

Staminus, July 25, 2016

Cloak, April 29, 2016


Dallas, United States (HQ)

Phoenix, United States

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Portland, United States

Belgrade, Serbia

San Francisco, United States

London, United Kingdom

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Los Angeles, United States

Tel Aviv, Israel

Manilla, Philippines

Winter Park, United States

Ontario, Canada

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Dr. Lance Crosby, Esq. Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Lance Crosby’s vision to radically change cloud technology has manifested in a multi-product platform that is now leading businesses to a secure and scalable internet. He founded StackPath in 2015 and serves as StackPath’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.
Prior to founding StackPath, in 2005, Lance founded SoftLayer Technologies and served as SoftLayer’s CEO and Chairman growing it into a $400 million business with more than 700 employees and 20,000 customers around the world. He also served as General Manager of Cloud Innovation at IBM after SoftLayer was acquired by IBM in 2013.
Before founding SoftLayer, Lance spent five years with The Planet as Chief Operations Officer where he managed all operations including sales, provisioning, product selection, managed services, application development, engineering, information security, business development, and legal departments.
In his prior executive management roles at Catalog.com and Dallas Internet, Lance gained extensive experience in leadership and management. He sharpened his technical skills in software and hardware environments, as well.
Lance holds an Honorary Doctorate, a Master of Businesses Administration, a Master of Science in Finance, and a Bachelor’s in Finance and Management from Tarleton State University—a part of the Texas A&M University system.
Lance also holds a Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan School of Law. He is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas where he is an active member of the State Bar of Texas.

Nick Nelson, Chief Strategy Officer & General Manager, VPN
Nick Nelson brings more than 15 years of experience in web hosting to StackPath as Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager of VPN. Nick founded one of the earliest cloud hosting companies before joining StackPath.
Prior to StackPath, Nick worked in a corporate development role with Amazon as a business manager of greenfield opportunities. He was part of the senior management team that executed a tax-free spinoff of Rightside from its parent company, Demand Media, in 2014.
Nick was also General Manager and VP of New Product Development with UK2Group until it was sold to Lloyds TSB Capital in 2011. Nick has extensive emerging market experience through UK2Group and Rightside, where he led offices in Ukraine and India focused on Product Development.

Steven Canale, Chief Revenue Officer
Steven Canale is a 20-year veteran in customer-focused sales. Prior to joining StackPath, Steven served as the Vice President of Sales at SoftLayer and IBM where he built a global sales force from zero to $400 million. His ability to bring market focus and leading-edge sales technology has helped him build successful sales teams.
Before SoftLayer, Steven was the director of sales at The Planet where he led a sales team to 18 consecutive months of sales records, growing sales from $10 million to more than $45 million.
He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, as well as a minor in marketing from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Carista Hill, Chief Legal Officer
Carista Hill comes to StackPath after her time as General Counsel of the Americas at Weir Group, a FTSE100 Company based in Glasgow. Prior to that, she was head of the Global Commercial Counsel team at Flowserve Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, and was part of the Legal team at Candle Corporation up through its acquisition by IBM.
For more than 20 years in these roles, Carista managed a global team of attorneys and contract managers in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the UK, and North America where she trained more than 25,000 employees on global anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, anti-trust, employment law, ethics and compliance, and commercial contracts.
Carista’s career is highlighted by her experience specializing in global commercial transactions, international sales contracts negotiations, risks in contract and post contractual disputes, acquisition due diligence, third party agent/rep. agreements, and counsel on JV and license arrangements.
Carista was a featured legal panelist at Baker & McKenzie’s Global Oil & Gas Institute in 2016.

Sherri Russell, Chief Financial Officer
Sherri Russell brings 20 years of progressive financial experience guiding operational excellence within network and infrastructure services companies. Prior to joining StackPath, Sherri served as Vice President of Financial Planning and Analytics at SoftLayer where she led the FP&A, Pricing, and Business Analytics teams.
Sherri drives financial success with her ability to provide operational insights through analytics, financial modeling and reporting. Her in-depth understanding of the core business has helped her as the finance prime on acquisitions and divestures ranging from $2 million to $2 billion.
Prior to joining SoftLayer, Sherri spent 14 years using her expertise to help grow and optimize the Wireless and Voice Over IP (VOIP) businesses at Nortel and Genband.
Sherri holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

Francisco Romero, Chief Operating Officer
Francisco Romero brings expertise in business analytics, management systems, operations, supply chain, finance, support, and business management to StackPath. He is driven by a passion to create a company that transforms the security and edge space and doing things fundamentally different from the competition.
Prior to StackPath, Francisco led IBM’s Cloud Infrastructure Operations organization which includes IBM Could Infrastructure Data Center Operations, Networking, System Operations, Procurement and Inventory, Customer Care, and FP&A. Prior to that, he was with SoftLayer.
Before IBM and SoftLayer, Francisco worked for more than three years in various strategy and business improvement functions at EDS/HP, developing product portfolio strategies and driving margin improvement programs across the outsourcing business unit. Before joining EDS, he worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Co., where he was involved in multiple projects in operations strategy, margin improvement, business portfolio optimization, and financial analysis.
Francisco holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the UNAM and a master’s in materials science and engineering.

Wen Temitim, Chief Technology Officer
Wen Temitim leads the StackPath technology teams with 20 years of experience in scale architecture and a “no-silos” approach to marrying software, hardware, and network into a tightly integrated product. Wen’s personal mission at StackPath is to drive all teams to follow the “end to end design principle”, and to simplify the core to increase resiliency and scale.
Prior to StackPath, Wen was Director of Datacenter Engineering at IBM/SoftLayer, and acting Chief Architect for Datacenter Design. In this capacity, he was instrumental in leading the architecture and design of the $1.2 billion geographic expansion of SoftLayer, post-IBM acquisition, which doubled the global footprint and added resiliency and connectivity enhancements that support IBM’s enterprise client base.
Wen also led the team to design and implement a non-disruptive backbone upgrade to enable new products via acquisitions and internal development while driving down unit costs and deploying dense 100 gig connectivity.
Wen serves on web vertical advisory boards for Juniper, Arista, and various silicon manufacturers where he provides insight into next generation datacenter and backbone needs.

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Media Coverage

Notable coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Cardrates.com, May 2018
How StackPath’s Intelligent Machine Learning Protects Financial Institutions Against Cyberattacks
"The biggest threat to enterprise computing today is cybercrime and being hacked. StackPath has built a secure CDN that gives financial institutions and other companies a better way to protect against such costly attacks. The unique platform of products and services combined under the StackPath suite of offerings can provide IT and security professionals with the peace of mind they’ve been looking for."
Mike Randall

Top 10 Website Hosting, April 2018
StackPath Interview
"StackPath is a forward-thinking company that is working to reverse the trend of security being an afterthought when it comes to technology. StackPath is re-thinking the cloud...paving a path to a more secure internet."

Launch DFW, January 2018
Shifting the Lens: Lance Crosby's Vision for Startups
"It’s not everyday that you get an opportunity to chat with someone who’s built and sold a company for billions. Yes, billions with a “B”. But when you chat with Lance Crosby, you quickly discover that regardless of the big headlines and even bigger dollar signs that are often associated with his name, he’s just like one of us. He possesses the same intense drive, work ethic and excitement for making his vision a reality just like every other hardcore entrepreneur and tech founder. Crosby’s latest venture, StackPath, is on an ambitious mission to “make the internet safe again” with its frictionless and scalable security platform."
Jasmin Brand

Forbes, January 2018
Ex-SoftLayer Chief Lance Crosby's New Startup Acquired Its Way To $200M In Revenue In 2 Years
"For his second act as a startup founder, Lance Crosby is using much deeper pockets to speed up the clock. It took him five years to reach $200 million in revenue with SoftLayer, the company he sold to IBM for $2 billion in 2013. Now running online security provider StackPath, Crosby’s replicated that feat in just 24 months... Such growth would make even the most viral app makers jealous, but StackPath did it while growing at a more mature company rate of 30%."
Alex Konrad

VPN Crew, January 2018
How Dallas-based StackPath Is Helping To Secure More Than 800,000 Businesses Worldwide With Their Security Platform
"StackPath is a company that offers various businesses more security for their online assets, especially websites. It provides the web-based service that allows businesses to protect their websites from various online threats, such as hacker attacks and malicious programs, as well as enhance the overall performance of their websites. It offers a range of web-based services that include content delivery network, web application firewall, and DDoS mitigation."
Manish Patel

D CEO Magazine, January 2018
Hot Dallas Startups to Watch In 2018
"StackPath is both a content delivery network and a cloud security specialist. Content and services running on its network are getting the internet-equivalent of an armored car escort to their destination, but at race-car speeds."
Phil Harvey

DealCrunch, December 2017
StackPath’s Speedy and Secure Content Delivery Network Helps Retailers Improve the Customer Experience and Boost Conversions
"StackPath offers a unified solution to the problems of speed and security on the web. As a secure edge services platform, StackPath offers a number of products including a content delivery network (CDN) that occupies a layer of the internet between e-commerce websites and internet carriers. StackPath works with brands to smoothly and speedily deliver content to end users no matter where they are or what device they’re on. And with security based on machine learning integrated into the architecture of StackPath’s distributed network of servers, websites and customer data are protected from breaches and attacks."
Michael Senecal

HostingAdvice, October 2017
StackPath Continues Extraordinary Growth by Securing Content Delivery Networks Without Sacrificing Speed or User Experience
"StackPath, behind a mission to secure online properties without sacrificing speed or scalability, is capitalizing on the security-first approach to content delivery."
Laura Stamey

TechCrunch, June 2017
Discontent and Disruption in the World of Content Delivery Networks
“Newcomers like StackPath aim to win by offering a “security first” CDN, which, in the wake of the #CloudBleed can be a marketing differentiator…. Lance Crosby, is a badass.”
Mahendra Ramsinghani

Fortune, February 2017
Security Startup StackPath Buys Again
“By July, when co-founder and chief executive officer Lance Crosby officially launched StackPath, it had already snapped up MaxCDN, another content delivery network with 19 points of presence around the world. Highwinds, Winter Park, Florida, is larger than MaxCDN and claims customers including game platform power Valve Corp., PBS, and Bose.”
Barb Darrow

D Magazine, August 2016
StackPath’s Lance Crosby: How Our Company Will Change Cybersecurity
“The founder and former CEO of SoftLayer is switching up the way security services can be consumed with his latest startup.”
Danielle Abri

Fortune, July 2016
Former IBM Cloud Chief Sets Sights on Hot Security Market
“Lance Crosby, who co-founded SoftLayer, the cloud computing company IBM bought three years ago for about $2 billion, is finally ready to talk about StackPath, his cybersecurity startup. It's a well-funded effort; StackPath has $150 million in backing from Boston-based private equity company, ABRY Partners, and another $30 million from what Crosby calls ‘friends and family.’”
Barb Darrow

TechCrunch, July 2016
Security-As-A-Service Startup StackPath Nabs $180M, 4 Acquisitions Including MaxCDN
“StackPath is not your ordinary security startup. For starters, it is founded by Lance Crosby — the founder and CEO of SoftLayer, which was acquired by IBM in 2013 for $2 billion, forming the basis of its new-wave cloud computing business. And second of all, is the company’s main premise. The company is banking on the premise of building a massive security platform, and going big with a flexible SaaS-style product, as a key part of how it tackles the issue of security.”

Fortune, October 2015
Former SoftLayer Chief Lance Crosby Surfaces at Stealthy Security Startup
“When Lance Crosby and Andrew Higginbotham left their respective executive posts at IBM SoftLayer and CenturyLink early this year within a month of each other, many wondered where they were headed. Now we know. The two executives are launching a security startup called StackPath.”
Barb Darrow, 10.4.15

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