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StackPath Expands Edge Footprint In Latin America

DALLAS, January 7, 2021 – StackPath, a leading edge-cloud platform, today announced new edge locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Bogota, Colombia; and Lima, Peru; giving developers and enterprises with latency-sensitive workloads closer proximity to even more end users.

“We’re thrilled to announce this expansion and excited about the opportunities it brings our customers,” said Kip Turco, StackPath Chief Executive Officer. “StackPath not only provides edge applications that let companies optimize the services they deliver around the world, but also edge infrastructure on which our customers build and deliver their own edge applications. So every terabit per second or edge location we add enables them to extend into new territories, expand within existing service areas, and leverage a wider plane of innovation.”

With the additions announced today, StackPath’s global footprint totals 50+ edge locations, strategically located in 35 of the most populated markets in the world across five continents.

“Latin America has consistently topped our customers’ lists of where they want to grow their businesses, and want more StackPath,” said Justin Grindstaff, StackPath Chief Revenue Officer. “We’ve had select accounts, including some significant new logos, already using these latest sites. Their regional end users’ demand for their services has exceeded our expectations.”

StackPath prioritizes deploying edge locations in markets with high population densities which meet other strategic requirements.

“We focus on having a robust presence in the right places, not necessarily the most places,” said Will Charnock, StackPath Chief Technology Officer. “We only build where there is the connectivity, logistics, and local conditions necessary to ensure the performance, scalability, and security our customers need for their most rigorous, mission-critical workloads. Definitely quality over quantity.”

The advancement and growth of technologies including 5G wireless, internet-delivered video, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, autonomous systems, extended reality (XR), and microservice architectures are increasing the demand for edge computing solutions. Gartner research estimates that the global enterprise market for content distribution, security and compute services at the edge will reach nearly $19.3 billion in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.9%.*

“There is still a lot about the edge market that remains to be defined,” said Mr. Turco. “But there is no question that it is here, it is significant, and that a platform like ours is what companies require to use edge computing to their advantage.

*Gartner “Forecast Analysis: CDN and Edge Services, Worldwide” by Brandon Medford and Ted Chamberlin, June 12, 2020

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