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StackPath Releases New Edge Computing VMs

DALLAS — March 19, 2019 — StackPath, the world’s first secure edge platform, today announced new StackPath Edge Computing Virtual Machine (VM) options, providing developers increased customization and control over their edge computing environments. StackPath Edge Computing VMs can be deployed in any or all StackPath edge locations around the world in one click or API call. StackPath customers can then directly connect to each VM via SSH to further configure the OS and install and manage their own software.

“Every workload is different. Developers need to be able to tailor edge computing to fit their application’s profile,” said Lance Crosby, StackPath co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “That’s why we offer a full-range of edge computing types. And with the release of additional VM capabilities, developers can truly select or mix edge computing types to strike their ideal balance of performance, flexibility, and management.”

Today’s release introduces seven VM sizes spanning a range of CPU and RAM combinations, each with 25GB of SSD-based persistent storage. Like StackPath Edge Computing Containers, StackPath Edge Computing VMs feature:

  • Streamlined setup
    Customers simply select the type, size, number, and location of instances, via CLI or the StackPath customer portal.
  • Global deployment
    Instances are instantly deployed in all selected locations.
  • Anycast IP space
    Customers can also choose to allocate an Anycast IP address to the instances to load balance and route traffic down the shortest path to end users.

With 45 StackPath edge locations worldwide, developers are able to put their workloads closer to more end users than centralized public cloud providers can, for higher security and as much as 2.6 times faster response times.

StackPath Edge Computing VMs deliver additional customization and control over the edge computing environment. With StackPath containers, developers only need to upload the image they want deployed in their containers and the platform takes care of the rest. With StackPath Edge Computing VMs, customers choose whether they want the platform to deploy their VM with CentOS or Ubuntu installed using best-practices for security and performance. After deployment, the customer then has full access to each VM via SSH, to customize the OS and install any software they desire, leveraging 25GB of persistent storage included with every size VM.

This flexibility is critical to a wide range of organizations and use cases, particularly companies with legacy applications that are not optimized or suited to run in containers. They can move their workloads right to the edge without the time and financial costs of redevelopment.

“We’ve seen incredible demand for StackPath Edge Computing since our initial release last month. Every day customers share new use cases and application ideas with our team. That’s inspired us to iterate and advance the services even faster,” said Ben Gabler, StackPath Chief Product Officer. “The flexibility of our VMs really expands the possibilities for what developers will do at the edge, and will accelerate the time to market for those innovations.”

StackPath Edge Computing services include the aforementioned containers and VMs and StackPath EdgeEngine, a serverless script engine that provides always-on computing at the edge.

StackPath Edge Computing Virtual Machines start at $0.10/VM/hour, with same pricing for each StackPath edge location and 25GB of persistent storage included with each instance (see full pricing details online). The VMs can be self-service ordered and managed on-demand — get started in the StackPath Customer Portal today, or contact the expert StackPath sales and solutions team to learn more.

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