Edge Computing Containers

Deploy containers on a platform with more diverse PoP locations than centralized cloud providers, getting your workload closer to your end users and clients.

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Deploy Containers at the Edge In Seconds

Skip the infrastructure management, and focus on your code. Save time, money, and best of all – get as close as possible to your users quickly.

Instant Deployment

Instant Deployment

With a single click or API call, you can have your container running in any or all StackPath edge locations in seconds.

Global Footprint

Global Footprint

Deploy your workload all over the world by simply choosing the locations in provisioning.

Anycast Capabilities

Anycast Capabilities

Add an Anycast IP to your workload, and press create. We handle all of the BGP routing and assignment behind the scenes.

StackPath Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing

StackPath Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing

The advantage is simple. Data hits our advanced edge locations up to 2.6x faster than centralized cloud provider data centers. That gives your latency-priority applications and services significant performance advantages, as well as the power to reduce overall network traffic charges.

StackPath: 29ms
Google Cloud: 66ms
Microsoft Azure: 68.2ms
Amazon Web Services: 75ms

Average of all of each provider’s North American data center/availability zone response times, reported by Cedexis on January 15, 2019.

How It Works

We make it simple to place your workload at the edge, in the locations you want, with the performance and power that you need.

Management API

Management API

Leverage our robust and open RESTful API to automate any aspect of deploying and managing your workload.

Network Policies

Network Policies

Network policies allow fine grained control of all network traffic before it reaches your edge computing workloads.

Built-in Metrics

Built-in Metrics

Each Edge Computing container includes resource monitoring, with data available free for 24 hours and reporting available through a web UI and API.

Global Load Balancing

Global Load Balancing

Allocate Anycast IPs to your workload containers to distribute end user/client traffic to the closest edge location and across the cluster, so requests and data can be processed with minimal latency. Speed up application response times by serving requests as close to the user as possible.

45 Edge Locations

With more than 45 edge locations, our global network provides more geographic-diversity and reach than centralized public cloud providers, enabling you to put your workload much closer to your end users/clients.

Private Global Backbone

65+Tbps Total Network Capacity

34+ Tier-1 Transit Providers

2,600+ Peering Partners

49,000+ Visible ASNs

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StackPath Edge Computing Containers are billed based on the number of containers running in each location. Usage is calculated by the second after a 5 minute per container minimum. Sign up and get started or contact our expert team by chat.

Container Pricing

Spec Cores RAM Root Disk (SSD) Price
SP-1 1 2GB 5GB $0.046/hour
SP-2 2 4GB 10GB $0.093/hour
SP-3 2 8GB 10GB $0.109/hour
SP-4 4 16GB 20GB $0.219/hour
SP-5 8 32GB 40GB $0.438/hour
SP-6 16 64GB 80GB Contact Us
SP-7 32 128GB 160GB Contact Us

Network Traffic Pricing

Direction Path Price
Ingress Any ingress traffic to the instance Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another within the same location Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another StackPath service e.g. Serverless Scripting Free
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, except Manila $0.05/GB/month
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, from Manila $0.08/GB/month

Traffic Between Edge Locations

PoP to Region Price
North America - North America $0.01/GB
North America - Europe $0.03/GB
North America - Asia $0.04/GB
North America - Australia $0.09/GB
North America - Latin America $0.08/GB
Europe - Europe $0.01/GB
Europe - Asia $0.07/GB
Europe - Australia $0.09/GB
Europe - Latin America $0.10/GB
Asia - Asia $0.03/GB
Asia - Australia $0.09/GB
Asia - Latin America $0.10/GB
Australia - Australia $0.02/GB
Australia - Latin America $0.12/GB

IP Address Pricing

Type Price
Static IP Address Included
Global Anycast IP Address $0.05/IP/hour

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