Globally Distributed Serverless Edge Computing

Build, Deploy, and Execute your Serverless applications in 45+ edge locations. No need to manage your own infrastructure.

Serverless functions at the Edge

Serverless functions at the Edge

Create a dynamic scripting layer that sits in front of all StackPath services, in seconds, to create a customized delivery experience for end-users.

Accelerate App Performance

Run logic right at the edge for performance improvements your end-users will notice, like improved streaming, faster downloads, quicker page loads, and snappier checkouts.

Personalize User Experiences

Customize the content that you deliver based on request data, allowing you to modify end user experience directly from the edge.

Build Your Own Edge Services

Create a lightweight API entry point, an entire API gateway, or a customized firewall by creating scripts that designate and control specific routes to a delivery site.

Protect Your Content

Deliver premium, valuable content to end users without worry, by validating and authenticating requests right at the edge to protect against theft and piracy.

Build scripts in a familiar language

Build scripts in a familiar language

The Serverless Scripting Engine is built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine providing support for JavaScript. The Serverless Scripting Engine also comes with WebAssembly support enabling additional language support for PHP, C, C++, Go, Python, Perl, Rust, and more!

With the powerful IDE in our Portal, building and deploying at the Edge is easier than ever. We also have a full featured Sandbox available to test your scripts before pushing them to the Edge.

Instant Global Deployment & Startup

Instant Global Deployment & Startup

StackPath Serverless scripts are deployed to all StackPath edge locations, but executed in the edge PoP closest to the end user, with no additional charges for using the whole StackPath network. And they can be easily customized to provide specific functionality per edge location, enhancing end-user experience and decreasing response time for end users worldwide.

AWS Lambda (800ms start time)
Serverless Scripting Engine (50ms start time)

Always On

Scripts are always ready to respond/execute, as opposed to VMs or containers that might have to be spun or warmed up. And although it is “always on” you only pay for how much it’s used.

Incredibly Fast

The Serverless Scripting Engine leverage the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine, which compiles JavaScript directly into native machine code during execution, as opposed to byte-code translation or full program compilation.

Completely Sandboxed

Each Serverless script runs in its own, isolated sandbox built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine framework. One script, one sandbox for higher security and reliability.

Instantly Deployed

Serverless scripts created, added, or changed in the customer portal, are instantly pushed to every StackPath PoP around the world within 2 seconds.

Customer Portal
CLI Tool

Create and Control On Your Terms

StackPath Serverless Scripting Engine is built on a robust API, so it can be fully configured, managed, and monitored through our easy-to-use customer portal or via CLI.

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Serverless Scripting

Run computing scripts serverlessly to execute behaviors at the edge.

  • 15M requests per month
  • $0.60 per additional 1M requests
  • Unlimited scripts per site
  • Unlimited scripts per stack