Accelerating Downloads to Bring Gamers Together Faster

Key Takeaways

By moving all downloads for its chat clients and servers to StackPath, TeamSpeak continues to deliver mission-critical voice communication for gamers and industries that require lag-free and secure online communications.

  • Download times improved by over 68% with StackPath’s CDN
  • Painful latency associated with downloads from overseas location were eliminated
  • TeamSpeak continues to receive enterprise-grade support that other providers charge thousands for


Installer and patch downloads were less than optimal

TeamSpeak went from having a near-cult like gamer following to being a premier VoIP-solution provider for NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. Through the simple licensing of server component software, this tight knit company has been the favorite of clans and tribes in the gamer-verse for over a decade.

The issue was that all TeamSpeak client server installers were originally hosted on an EU-based partner. The company began as a bootstrap project out of Europe, and all the TeamSpeak download mirrors were initially located in Germany. This led to undesirable performance glitches and wait times for patch files and installer downloads.


Increase patch and installer download velocity

TeamSpeak initially began considering a content delivery network (CDN) to address problems they had with their automated updater which was built into the client. With each client launch, the updater would download patch files on new versions.

The company realized that by implementing a CDN—instead of fetching these files from across the planet—users would be able to download them faster from nearby edge locations. The objective was to accelerate download speeds by up to 10x to improve the user experience.


Find the best CDN in terms of performance, price, and service

TeamSpeak chose to implement MaxCDN (now owned and operated by StackPath), and the results perfectly matched the voice communication brand’s requirements. Upon evaluating various CDN providers, StackPath stood out in terms of performance, price, and customer service.

When the top competitor didn’t even answer their phone, TeamSpeak knew who to go with. Since then, StackPath has become the company’s CDN provider of choice for all their downloads application-wide.

“When someone downloads from the US, South America or Asia, they get the download closer to them. There’s less waiting and things are more responsive, which is what we want from a CDN.”

Eric Linden, CIO, TeamSpeak


Hyper-fast downloads and unparalleled support

With a completely new TeamSpeak client coming out soon, the company continues to depend on the speed, reliability, and responsiveness of StackPath’s CDN for all of its downloads. And, in the rare event when engineers require customer service, they can speak with a StackPath representative immediately, 24/7, and resolve issues rapidly.

Due to the longstanding and positive relationship with StackPath, TeamSpeak is considering other offerings in the future, such as Edge Compute, Serverless Scripting, and WebSockets which is highly requested among live chat platforms.

“They’re always there. In fact, they ended up nagging me to make sure that I had everything I needed. The communication was very good. That was important for us and, of course, the price.”

Eric Linden, CIO, TeamSpeak

Company Description

TeamSpeak is a VoIP application for high quality chat communications. The company enjoys a wide following among gamers while also serving entities requiring military grade encryption.



Use Case

Installer and patch downloads