Delivering Fast and Secure E-Commerce for 1,000 Daily Customers

Key Takeaways

As a premier online personalized jewelry retailer, Jewlr provides a frictionless shopping experience using StackPath’s CDN while protecting its digital assets with StackPath’s WAF and DDoS mitigation technologies.

  • Optimizes UX for 1,000 daily customers across N. America, the UK, and Australia
  • Mitigates DDoS attempts to bring down website and obstruct new business
  • Improves accessibility of diverse and large-scale assets (e.g. videos)


Rapidly growing e-commerce brand seeks secure edge computing

As Jewlr experienced impressive business growth, the company realized it required a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to provide the best user experience for its global customer base. Prior to implementing a CDN, Jewlr distributed assets directly through their website servers. After compiling assets, the servers would then serve them through a Ruby on Rails sprocket pipeline.

The rapid growth and global reach of Jewlr required a more streamlined approach for faster, more reliable content delivery. An additional “must-have” was top grade security against DDoS attacks.


Provide seamless UX and implement high-level security

The engineering team at Jewlr knew the importance of engaging with cutting edge solutions to stay ahead of the competitive e-commerce curve. One of the company’s core values is to remain relevant and adaptive at all times. Therefore, an innovative partner was required when seeking a CDN.

Other key considerations were price as well as robust security features such as a web application firewall (WAF)—a must-have for the best e-commerce brands.


Find a leading edge CDN provider for a reasonable price

When Jewlr began its search several years ago, HTTP/2 was only just emerging. Few CDN providers were supporting HTTP/2, and MaxCDN (now owned and operated by StackPath) was on the shortlist.

A full comparison was made among several CDN providers. Based on technological performance, leading edge approach, and attractive price, StackPath clearly stood apart from the competition.

“We were looking to see which CDN providers were on the leading edge of technology.” 

Schuyler Jager, Senior Software Engineer, Jewlr


Superior UX, robust security, highly personalized support

Jewlr now trusts all assets to StackPath’s CDN, including the main company’s website and local web domains in the UK and Australia. Their checkout server is also supported by StackPath for separate assets such as images, JavaScript, and CSS. Additionally, StackPath CDN delivers the brand’s large-scale assets (videos and height banners) at the edge.

Switching to the StackPath Web Application Firewall (WAF) makes security easier as Jewlr engineers no longer worry about managing individual servers. With StackPath’s DDoS protection, all incoming traffic is constantly measured. If it exceeds the set threshold an attack is suspected and the traffic is challenged to verify its legitimacy.

In addition to enterprise-level CDN services and DDoS mitigation, Jewlr appreciates StackPath’s highly personalized “small shop” intimacy of support.

Recently, Jewlr has evolved into Safyre Labs, an e-commerce platform built for speed, scalability, security, and reliability. By providing a frictionless cross platform experience, Safyre builds upon the foundation established by Jewlr as a top online global retail brand supported by StackPath solutions.

“In all relations, StackPath helps us achieve our goals without having to worry about DDoS attacks and security. Even though there’s a big company presence, I can easily talk to engineers that actually influence the platform.”

Schuyler Jager, Senior Software Engineer, Jewlr

Company Description

Jewlr is a leading online retailer that specializes in selling high quality personalized jewelry. Every Jewlr item is made to order and shipped directly to customers in North America, the UK, and Australia.


Online Retail

Use Case

E-commerce site speed and security