Distributing JavaScript Video Assets with Near-Zero Latency

Key takeaways

As one of the most deployed HTML5 open source video technologies, Flowplayer has developed the lightest and fastest video player among all competing platforms. By implementing StackPath CDN, all Flowplayer Javascript assets are delivered at a velocity that matches the performance of their ultra-lean video player.

  • Delivers video player anywhere with near-zero latency
  • Provides flexibility and granular control with no performance compromise
  • Collaborates as a true partner in development and technology stack insight


Open source video technology required a fast partner

When Flowplayer designed its hyper-fast video player, it started from scratch ripping out all the bulky flash code. The end result was JavaScript with minimal footprint technology and the lowest profile of all major video players. Flowplayer renders and downloads faster thanks to an ultra-tight, efficient code base.

Still, even though the player was stripped down to the lightest version possible, it still had to be delivered remotely.


Deliver open source video player anywhere fast

The team at Flowplayer knew that if the backend doesn’t perform then the front end wouldn’t matter as much. The company considered a high-velocity CDN as essential in order to distribute their open source video player at peak performance levels.

The primary objective for Flowplayer was to reduce latency to a minimum while maintaining the flexibility and command to make adjustments to their rapidly evolving platform.


Find the best CDN in terms of low latency and control flexibility

In selecting a global CDN provider the initial Flowplayer vetting process involved curating third party performance data on a range of competitors. The company leadership was highly impressed with the track record of MaxCDN (now owned and operated by StackPath). StackPath continuously ranks among the top three global CDNs across all benchmarking platforms.

Flowplayer required a CDN with a high cache hit ratio and low latency to deliver the best end user experience possible.

“For most CDNs, it’s either flexibility and control or high performance. With StackPath we get the best of both worlds.”

Henrik Lovén • CRO, Flowplayer


The lightest video player delivered faster than ever

Other CDNs may deliver enough throughput to deliver video files, but the near-zero latency demanded by Flowplayer is made possible only with StackPath’s CDN. Flowplayer’s rapid growth and evolution also requires a highly flexible CDN solution that responds with no setback in performance. Flowplayer engineers are continuously satisfied with the high level of granular control they have with essentially no effect on StackPath’s CDN velocity.

Enormous development effort went into building Flowplayer’s super-fast loading interface while occupying the smallest footprint possible. Loading JavaScript assets for their open source project with minimal latency is of paramount importance—along with the capability to deliver high quality on a global scale. StackPath nails it on all counts.

For the future, Flowplayer continues to strive towards being the premier video player in the industry. Their near-term focus is: low latency live streaming and optimizing video storage and delivery.

“We appreciate the close support, feedback and openness from StackPath. We consider them a true partner that provides valuable insight on technologies to evolve our tech stack, even beyond CDN.”

Henrik Lovén • CRO, Flowplayer

Company Description

Flowplayer is an ultra-lean open source video platform specifically designed for publishers and the media industry.



Use Case

Reduce video player delivery latency