Killing Multiplayer Game Lag with Edge Containers

Key Takeaways

Edgegap has rapidly established itself as one of the hottest startups in the edge computing industry. By leveraging StackPath, Edgegap minimizes experience-killing lag for gamers worldwide.

  • Reduced latency by 58% using StackPath’s edge compute infrastructure
  • Uses StackPath to help position the company as an edge computing leader
  • Applied for StackPath’s Propel Startup Program and received edge compute services that otherwise cost thousands


A disruptive gamer industry startup launch

In the video game world, lag can be a matter of life or death—at least for your avatar. And as the number of cloud gaming companies continues to increase the problem with latency will only worsen.

Edgegap is a startup founded by software innovator Mathieu Duperré in 2018. By winning the ETSI MEC Hackathon, he got the chance to showcase his idea which has since taken off like a rocket. The soul of Edgegap is Arbitrium, an edge-using software that allows video game studios to automatically match the best edge site for each game instance using real-time telemetry.


Find the best edge computing infrastructure

Once Edgegap developed brilliance in Arbitrium, the company needed edge computing infrastructure to bring their software innovation to life.

The patented Edgegap solution uses the strength of many locations deployed in an edge computing environment to dynamically locate the instance of multiplayer games, reduce latency, and improve the overall player experience.

The company knew these locations would best be provided by an edge network like StackPath that has an edge container offering.


Find the best edge network at the best price

Upon discovering the StackPath Propel Startup Program, a near instant decision was made by Edgegap leadership. The startup was exactly the kind of company the Propel Program was interested in supporting, and the StackPath infrastructure fit Edgegap’s needs precisely.

The StackPath integration proceeded smoothly and Edgegap quickly moved ahead in its go-to-market trajectory.

“We created a unique solution to help gaming studios beat their number one problem, being lag, through edge computing. StackPath helps bring it to life.” 

Mathieu Duperré, Founder & CEO, Edgegap


Driving lag into obscurity and winning AAA game studio business

Shortly after integration was complete, Edgegap presented a proof of concept to a major AAA video game studio while using StackPath’s edge containers. The results were thoroughly convincing.

Now Edgegap sits in an industry sweet spot as the cloud gaming space experiences a rush of activity from at least 30 different companies, such as Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Google, Walmart, and Disney. Service providers are looking for a reason to spend on edge computing infrastructure and manufacturers are looking for reasons to sell more hardware.

Edgegap plans to become the go-to edge computing solution for the gamer-verse. Supported by platforms like StackPath, the company also set its sights on capturing business in the security, machine learning, and edge-cloud programming industries.

“Our company measures and demonstrates how much better edge computing infrastructures can be versus public cloud. We’re in the perfect spot now.”

Mathieu Duperré, Founder & CEO, Edgegap

Company Description

Edgegap is a value-added services creator dedicated to edge computing infrastructures. The company creates edge solutions and simplifies implementation within a variety of environments.



Use Case

Reducing latency for multiplayer games