Minimizing Bandwidth for Live Video Streaming

Key takeaways

By implementing StackPath CDN, Strive provides Peer-to-Peer (P2P) video streaming software to reduce costs and increase quality of experience. Strive participated in StackPath’s Propel Startup Program to get their P2P live video CDN up and running faster.

  • Provides top quality, P2P video streaming in multiple environments
  • Offloads 75% of customers’ bandwidth to video CDN, on average
  • Received high value services and support from StackPath’s Propel Startup Program


Innovative video streaming startup hits its stride

Founded in 2017, Strive Technologies enables streaming companies to reduce the amount of bandwidth and traffic required for live video streaming. It’s accomplished by creating a Peer-to-Peer network between end users who watch live content over an OTT platform.

Strive’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used to send and share content directly between end users, thus dramatically reducing the amount of bandwidth a video publisher needs to pay for. By building a video content delivery network between end-devices, up to 90% of video traffic runs on the CDN.


Find the highest quality, affordable CDN for the job

The Strive team knew that finding a CDN that fit their needs was critical for mission success. However, as a startup, the company’s options were limited due to price constraints. Being a leading-edge innovator based in Germany, Strive required a CDN solution that would enhance development efforts, work well in Europe, and be capable of scaling into other areas of the world.


Conduct a thorough CDN market evaluation

In order to launch, Strive found itself facing a common startup challenge: advanced technological requirements with limited funds. Based on these constraints, the company embarked on an extensive survey of the CDN market. During this survey, Strive was looking for the optimal mix of flexible pricing, easy onboarding and access, wide reach, and an extensive suite of technical features.

After evaluating nearly 20 CDN providers, the Strive team chose StackPath and entered its Propel Startup Program that provides early stage startups with enterprise-grade CDN services. The decision was based on high performance, affordable pricing, and solid functionality with a PoP in Germany.

“StackPath is our number one, go-to CDN provider.”

Alexander Schäfer • Co-Founder & CEO, Strive


Accelerated to launch and into growth

The complimentary, enterprise-grade tech support from StackPath enabled Strive to ramp up to launch without any CDN issues. Now, Strive is unlocking hidden network capacity, saving massive amounts of bandwidth for customers, and delivering the highest quality viewing experience for users.

The company has its sights set on a larger customer base with an emphasis on delivering ultra-low latency video streaming. As a Peer-to-Peer live video CDN, Strive seeks to shape the future for streaming companies and OTT broadcasters worldwide.

“We needed the necessary tech stack but the solutions were too expensive and out of reach. All these issues disappeared with the StackPath CDN and Propel program.”

Alexander Schäfer • Co-Founder & CEO, Strive

Company Description

Strive builds the next generation of video delivery networks by providing industry leading technology for controllable and secure live streaming.


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