Delivering Mobile Game Ads to 900 Million Monthly Users

Key takeaways

Chartboost relies on StackPath’s global delivery infrastructure geared toward the delivery of online game content to remain the leader in mobile games ad distribution.

  • StackPath’s CDN used to deliver ads quickly and reliably to an audience of 900M unique monthly users
  • Ads delivered across more than 300,000 mobile games


Serving ads across 300K games and 900M monthly users

Chartboost is a global ad platform that helps game developers monetize mobile games and acquire high quality users. With offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam, Chartboost continues to grow in supporting game developers and publishers around the world.

To support the vast growth in video across the industry and their own network, Chartboost needs to ensure that the delivery of their network’s video ads are efficient, consistent, and complete with every single impression served. The performance of their content delivery remains critical to the success of their customers around the world, as well as the gamers’ experience.


Find a CDN that specializes in serving game developers

Game developers and Chartboost customers like High Score Hero and 1Button want to focus all their efforts on designing awesome games. They rely on Chartboost to help their games generate revenue. Because of this, Chartboost needs to ensure that the revenue-generating creative gets delivered on time so advertisers keep running ads that make their customers money.

To ensure the timely delivery of assets across its growing global platform, Chartboost needed a CDN that had experience serving gaming networks and its users.

StackPath knows the needs of game developers and publishers, which aligns their knowledge with our needs very well. StackPath gives us advanced analytics, control with an easily accessible API and console, and a great team that works closely with us to make sure our content is always performing its best.

Deepak Thakral • VP of Product and Engineering, Chartboost


Deliver mobile game ads on time, on target

Interstitial ads need to be locked, loaded, and ready to play at the exact moment the game’s developers have determined for them to appear. The importance of timing and consistency in delivery cannot be overstated. Game developers like High Score Hero and 1Button develop their games for placement of interstitials at points in the game when a player is expecting a pause. A natural break in the action is what developers are looking for when deciding where to place these ads, which is why interstitials are often found between levels or when switching activities in a game.

The philosophy is, if the gamer isn’t in a hurry, they’re less likely to feel interrupted and more likely to consider what the ad has to say. With StackPath, Chartboost can ensure that the ad is optimized for the gamer’s device no matter what it is, displaying fully and properly at the pre-determined, natural break.

Because interstitials tend to be large files, they can take a little extra time to load. With StackPath, the files are requested asynchronously — before they are needed — and this request time can start as early as the game developer determines to make sure the ad is done loading by the time it is needed. The underlying rule is that the ad waits for the gamer; the gamer does not wait for the ad.


Optimized ad performance = more revenue for Chartboost customers

By efficiently, consistently, and completely placing an ad each time it is requested means that Chartboost and their game developer customers are able drive ad performance and maximize ad revenue without having to focus on it. Hitting gamers with ads when they expect them and are more open to what they have to say can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in revenue in a single day for Chartboost customers.

Company Description

Chartboost is the largest in-app monetization and mobile advertising platform reaching more than 900 million unique users every month across more than 300,000 mobile apps.


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Ad delivery for mobile games