Bringing the Latest Music Videos to Cable and OTT

Key takeaways

By delivering premium music video content over the StackPath CDN, XITE provides high quality viewing to cable customers and over-the-top (OTT) users while cashing in on significant savings vs. other CDN options.

  • Provides high quality, global streaming video service with StackPath CDN
  • Receives significant savings compared to other CDNs, with no performance compromise
  • Receives complementary technical support that other CDN providers charge thousands for


Innovative music video provider ramps up

From a basement in Rotterdam to being seen on the screens of a multitude of Fire TV, Apple TV, Comcast, Sky, Samsung, and Roku customers, XITE has shifted its business growth into high gear. After negotiating approval from its label partners, the company began offering both freemium and premium level services, opening the doors to mainstream outlets.

Aspiring to be the best music video experience on TV, XITE required a top shelf content delivery network (CDN). As a startup, however, the company needed to adhere to strict budget constraints.


Implement a world class CDN to stream video everywhere

XITE lets fans discover new artists, enjoy all-time favorites, watch themed channels, and create music video mixes. Still, today’s music video fan has near-zero tolerance when it comes to poor performance. Video delivery, especially overseas, is subject to latency issues which can make or break the viewer experience. Because of this, and the company’s vision to conquer the global music video market, it was imperative to partner with a CDN that had well-positioned points of presence (PoPs) and a global network backbone.


Find an enterprise-grade CDN that beats competition on price and performance

XITE chose to implement Highwinds (now owned and operated by StackPath) and the performance perfectly matched the video media brand’s requirements. Upon evaluating other CDN providers, StackPath stood out in terms of performance, price, and customer service. Google’s CDN and Amazon’s CDN were among the other CDNs considered but neither could beat the value of StackPath’s CDN, complete with global flat rate pricing and no required annual contracts.

“Looking at pure stats, like time to download, we couldn’t see any significant difference between the competition. But nobody could beat StackPath in terms of value.”

Niels Daalhuizen • CPO, XITE


Poised for explosive growth with powerful CDN performance

Currently, XITE is on the verge of moving quickly up the ranks of music video streaming for customers by launching on the biggest platforms—both operator and OTT—in the US and UK. The next phase will be to expand its customer base in Europe and North America and to move forward in mobile.

XITE barely even notices the StackPath CDN as it functions silently in the background to deliver low latency video streaming across continents. When a technical issue has appeared, the customer service goes above and beyond what enterprise clients pay thousands for with other CDNs. As XITE prepares to scale into an industry leadership role, StackPath will be there to deliver.

“We rarely have to troubleshoot issues, but when we do, StackPath’s response time and proactive support is exemplary.”

Niels Daalhuizen • CPO, XITE

Company Description

XITE is a video streaming service that offers a broad range of products to bring music videos into the daily lives of consumers worldwide.


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