Offloading Video Delivery to Focus on Innovation in OTT

Key takeaways

By offloading the delivery of video on demand (VOD) and live streaming to StackPath, dotstudioPRO can focus on innovating its core platform that enables content creators to reach audiences and monetize content in over-the-top (OTT) environments.

  • StackPath’s CDN used to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming at the edge for uninterrupted viewing experiences
  • Global flat rate pricing allows dotstudioPro to offer affordable video delivery solutions to its customers that have global audiences
  • An intuitive UI helps dotstudioPRO iterate quickly across multiple subaccounts and easily manage the backend


Solve for OTT content management and content delivery

When OTT started becoming popular and consumers started “cutting the cable cord,” dotstudioPRO created an online video platform (OVP) that allowed content creators to manage videos for delivery across Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Facebook, and other online channels.

The content management system (CMS) that dotstudioPRO created was valuable in its own right, but the team also wanted to solve the challenges related to video delivery for its customers. Instead of requiring content creators to bring or build their own streaming solution, dotstudioPRO wanted to do it for them.


Find a reliable, cost-effective content delivery partner

Wanting to focus on innovating in areas outside of content delivery—channel integrations, content monetization, analytics, and the management platform itself—dotstudioPRO needed a partner that could deliver live streaming and VOD content to audiences across the world. The partner also needed to have a delivery platform that “just worked” at a price and performance level that could not be matched.

Because the audiences of dotstuidoPRO’s customers are scattered throughout the world, looking for a partner with a content delivery network (CDN) that could stream video content made the most sense. Such a partner would relieve them from building out, managing, and optimizing a global network that was OTT-ready. Ideally, the partner would also empower them to offer delivery services that were competitive with other OVPs, as well as with CDNs that their prospects were already using.

Our partnership with StackPath makes us incredibly competitive. With their global flat rate pricing, nobody can beat our price. Even for brands that are locked into a CDN contract before using our CMS, sometimes they run the numbers and still go with us.

Joe Pascual • CEO, dotstudioPRO


Make it feel like “everything just works” for customers and their audiences

Pascual and his team started investigating multiple CDN options and ended up going with Highwinds, a CDN that StackPath acquired in 2017. Highwinds was known for having a reliable and expansive network with pricing that kept its customers competitive in bandwidth-intensive industries. After the acquisition, StackPath honored this principle of keeping customers competitive. Today, StackPath even gives customers the ability to pay on a monthly basis—no long-term contracts necessary.

Beyond achieving competitiveness in terms of cost-effective video delivery, dotstudioPRO is able to deliver adaptive bitrate viewing experiences with StackPath. By stacking this technology on top of the CDN, dotstudioPRO’s customers can stream high-speed video to their audiences regardless of a user’s connectivity level and viewing device. In the eyes of their customers, everything just works. And for dotstudioPRO, the “stacking” process is easy. StackPath provides an intuitive UI that streamlines CDN customization for its different customer accounts.

“StackPath gives us a lot of control on the backend and we can iterate fast because of a really great UI” said Pascual. “Especially being an online video platform with multiple subaccounts, we need to bake in the whole content delivery aspect without having to bother our customers and without having to bother our CDN provider.”


dotstudioPRO is powering OTT offerings for the Vikings and other major brands

Since joining StackPath, dotstudioPRO has evolved from being an OVP into a full blown solution that helps content creators launch “their own Netflix” in as little as six weeks.

When we spoke to Pascual in 2018, his team was working with the Minnesota Vikings to launch a branded OTT network. Today, that network is known as VIKINGS NOW and video content is streaming direct to fans. dotstudioPRO also helped the Vikings monetize that content with an AVOD channel on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV in a matter of weeks.

dotstudioPRO is continuing to serve and acquire large clients like the Vikings and, while doing so, not worrying about scaling a private delivery network or running into cost issues with a third party CDN. dotstudioPRO has time to focus on evolving its core technology; its customers don’t need to worry about finding a CDN; and its customers’ audiences are getting what they came for: an uninterrupted viewing experience.

We were one of the smallest OVPs when we first started talking with StackPath. You certainly didn’t have to take us seriously, but you did. You had our back from day one and we’re proud to have you as a partner as we continue to grow.

Joe Pascual • CEO, dotstudioPRO

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dostudioPRO is an online video platform (OVP) that helps brands reach audiences and monetize content through Apple TV, Roku, and other over-the-top (OTT) channels.


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Video on demand (VOD) and live streaming