No need to worry about managing your own infrastructure. With EdgeEngine we take care of it all. Run computing scripts serverlessly to execute behaviors at the edge.

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Do more

Add custom logic to your workflows or even create new edge services simply by deploying your own computing scripts.


Configure nothing

Have what you need processed when you need it without having to manage VMs, containers, or servers.

Cost effective

Spend less

Reduce your origin workload, and compute and bandwidth costs with computing that’s always on, but only charged when used.

Starting at


• Requires standalone CDN or Edge Delivery

• 15M requests per month included

• $0.60 per additional 1M requests

• Unlimited scripts per delivery domain

• Unlimited scripts per stack

Simple idea. Endless possibilities.

It’s a simple idea. Run computing scripts right at the edge, right where the data and the requests come in. No overhead. No hops. No end to what you might do with it, including use cases like:

  • Accelerate App Performance
    Run logic right at the edge for performance improvements your end-users will notice, like improved video streaming, faster game downloads, quicker page loads, and snappier checkouts.
  • Personalize End-User Experiences
    Customize the content that you deliver based on request data, modifying end user experience directly from the edge.
  • Build Your Own API Gateway
    Create a lightweight, fully customized API entry point or entire API gateway at the edge by creating scripts that designate specific routes to a delivery site.
  • Build Your Own WAF
    Create a fully customized firewall for your website, application, or API by deploying scripts that execute before a request reaches content, such as blocking/allowing WordPress Administration.

Always on computing

Ready, set, already going.

EdgeEngine scripts provide computing that is always ready to respond/execute, as opposed to VMs or containers that might have to be spun or warmed up. And although it is “always on” you only pay for how much it’s used.

Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine

Totally chromed out performance.

EdgeEngine leverages the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine, which compiles JavaScript directly into native machine code during execution, as opposed to byte-code translation or full program compilation. V8 is highly optimized, making it extremely lightweight while exceptionally powerful. You’ll experience shorter development time while also gaining support for modern language and architecture.

Secure Sandboxing

One at a time in the sandbox, please.

Each EdgeEngine script runs in its own, isolated sandbox built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine framework. One script, one sandbox for higher security and reliability.

Global Script Execution

Think globally, act locally.

EdgeEngine scripts are executed in all of our edge PoPs around the world. Scripts are executed in the edge PoP closest to the end user, enhancing end-user experience and decreasing response time for end users worldwide. We also grant you the ability to fine-tune end-user experience by geographic location.

Instant Updating

Now means now.

When EdgeEngine scripts are created/added/changed in the customer portal, they are instantly pushed to or updated in every StackPath PoP around the world within 2 seconds.

Native CDN Integration

Make your delivery special.

EdgeEngine is available now with StackPath CDN, giving existing and new StackPath customers the opportunity to rapidly customize their delivery configurations. Coming soon it will be available to users of any StackPath service, and standalone, and support multiple languages.

Ordering & Pricing

EdgeEngine is available with StackPath CDN in any stack with a standalone CDN or Edge Delivery subscription. To get started with EdgeEngine:

1. Create a StackPath account
2. Deploy a CDN or Edge Delivery stack
3. Add EdgeEngine within the stack, via the customer portal


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Edge Computing


  • Requires standalone CDN or  Edge Delivery
  • 15M requests per month included
  • $0.60 per additional 1M requests
  • Unlimited scripts per delivery/domain
  • Unlimited scripts per stack
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Edge Delivery

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