Catch issues before they become incidents. Our monitoring service keeps you aware of the availability and response times of your public endpoints, including IPs, URLs, and APIs. Maintain the best performance and end-user experiences for your websites and services.

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Triggered Alerts

Instant Notification

Stay in the know. StackPath Monitoring immediately alerts you of an issue with your service, via SMS, email, webhook, and more. Get the information you want, when you need it.

Worldwide Monitoring

Customized Map

Pick your perspective. StackPath monitoring lets you choose one or many worldwide locations from which to have your services monitored. That way your monitoring meets your specific operations and geographical interests.

Automated Installs

Rapid Deployment

Set up in seconds. StackPath monitoring can be configured using a simple web UI or completely automated using our API. Make monitoring a turnkey, standard element of every service you build or manage.

Global Footprint

Worldwide Monitoring Network

With monitoring nodes around the world, StackPath Monitoring gives you constant visibility of your services’ availability in specific regions and locales. Be first to know if your end users have lost access or speed.

Worldwide Monitoring Network Map

Powered by Server Density.

StackPath Monitoring is built on the industry-leading monitoring technology created by Server Density, which joined StackPath in May, 2018. Current StackPath Monitoring capabilities are just the first steps towards delivering the full power of Server Density through the StackPath platform; all features and capabilities are currently being integrated. But you don’t need to wait to experience our complete monitoring abilities.

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