Give your players
(and developers)
more play time.

Make our Highwinds CDN your Game
Delivery Network.

Faster Downloads

Our high-capacity network is optimized for throughput, so large files get transferred fast and reliably.

Smarter Updates

Our software makes it easier and more efficient to publish new versions and update with fresh DLC.

Real-time Analytics

Our real-time analytics engine lets you see what’s happening with your players around the world, as it happens.

Highwinds Game Delivery Network

Global playing field.

Highwinds CDN covers the globe, providing local connections for your end users on five continents.

Big league experience.

Highwinds CDN is the Game Delivery Network for hundreds of companies, including desktop, mobile, casual, and console gaming, as well as eSports leagues and in-game ad platforms.

Game CDN Customers

Power up.

Highwinds CDN provides unparalleled features and options for taking your game delivery to a whole new level.

Simultaneous downloads

Download pause/resume

Download rate limiting

Connection recovery

Corrupt file recovery

Disk space checking

Multi-CDN strategy support

Download queuing

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