Today’s websites are more than just pages and databases.


They are dynamic, complex applications that are served from the cloud and run in a browser.

StackPath’s WAF is the only enterprise-grade web application firewall that was designed from scratch to outwit today’s real world threats, rather than yesterday’s theoretical problems.

It is built-in to a global, secure content delivery network, providing businesses of all sizes with the security, speed and scale they need to survive and succeed.


Bot Protection

Did you know that bots account for more than 97% of web application attacks? StackPath’s behavioral and reputational algorithms block even the most sophisticated bots from scanning, learning or attacking common points of compromise such as web forms, login pages, and vulnerable resources - even when the bot’s IP addresses rapidly change.


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Scraping Protection

Site and screen scraping are an existential threat to your business. Publishers, directories, content libraries and nearly every other kind of website is a target for professional scrapers which can programmatically extract every piece of valuable information from your business.

StackPath WAF automatically discerns between automated agents and real human users, utilizing behavioral analysis and a centralized intelligence base to protect your site and assets from scraping threats.

Realtime WAF Rules

Enterprise Control

StackPath WAF gives you enterprise tools and granularity for complete control over traffic visiting your site. You can easily create rules that block, challenge or whitelist traffic based on a wide range of parameters from inside the StackPath control panel, including IP reputation, OWASP top threats and behavioral profiling.

Like all of our services, all WAF rules are implemented and enforced instantly, so you focus on growing your business.

Realtime WAF Rules