Our Edge

Unlike providers that only deliver managed edge services, StackPath is a full cloud platform, giving developers an unprecedented edge.


All the components you need to build your own edge solutions.


Lower latency than central cloud and faster than other edge services.


Total access and transparency through robust APIs and reporting.


Built-in security, including DDoS mitigation, across products and services.

Our Platform

Origin Agnostic

Enables secure seamless integration of services from any public or private cloud or data center, providing unprecedented opportunities for optimizing operations and innovative new use cases.

Future Proof Modularity

Designed to be technology agnostic, ready to accommodate new hardware and software technologies without requiring radical, platform-wide redesign, redeployment to add new capabilities and services.


Capable of efficiently scaling from a few to thousands of servers, storage, and networking devices deployed across multiple locations but managed in a centralized, automated fashion.

Inherent Security

Built on a security-first design, imbuing first- and third-party services with inherent security advantages, including unparalleled DDoS attack mitigation and the ability to customize security profiles.

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StackPath EdgeEngine™

Our platform is run by EdgeEngine, a proprietary orchestration system that integrates and automates management of every aspect of our infrastructure and services. It has full control over every device in every StackPath edge location around the world. Its API-first architecture enables us to automate its actions and extend the same automation to end customers, all from a single pane of glass.

StackPath Services

On top of our Edge Compute offerings, EdgeEngine deploys and manages Edge Services that we’ve created, including CDN, WAF, Monitoring, and Managed DNS. These services provide advanced, enterprise-grade performance, security, and scalability; high levels of customization; and a frictionless, self-managed user experience.

StackPath Compute

Using EdgeEngine, we abstract and virtualize computing resources on top of the physical infrastructure. We use these resources for delivering our own Edge Services, and provide them as composable Edge Compute products with which developers can build their own edge solutions and applications.

Physical Infrastructure

Our 45 (and counting) edge locations consist of high-performance computing, storage, and networking devices, with redundant Tier-1 carrier connections at each site.

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What is the edge?

The cloud is made up of physical facilities all around the world, all networked together. When a person or device accesses the cloud, their data has to hop through a number of these locations before reaching its destination. How fast the data reaches its destination depends on a number of things, most critically: number of hops and the geographic distance between them.

The cloud’s “edge” is that first physical location the data reaches—the Internet’s front door.


What is edge computing?

With traditional cloud computing workloads are centralized in a limited number of facilities that might be far away from end users. Data has to make a number of hops to and from these locations, costing time and money and being more vulnerable to single points of failure.


True edge computing enables workloads to be distributed across a large number of edge locations that are physically closer to end users. Data makes few if any hops in and out of those locations, allowing for higher security, higher resiliency, reduced bandwidth costs, accelerated processing, and superior end-user experiences.


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Our global network connects full-stack edge locations via private backbone for higher performance.


Our security-first design, makes data protection an inherent, built-in feature of all our offerings.