Platform-wide measures protect every facet of StackPath and the solutions you build at the edge from the inside out.


Platform-wide security technologies gives every StackPath product built-in protection.


Our unique system and network designs enable us to increase security without sacrificing speed.


Our platform-wide protections are complemented by additional security features of individual products.


“In all relations, StackPath helps us achieve our goals without having to worry about DDoS attacks and security. Also, I can easily talk to engineers that actually influence the platform.”

Schuyler Jager • Senior Software Engineer, Jewlr

DDoS Protection

Rather than relying on just network-level DDoS mitigation, our DDoS protection technology is in every server in every edge location. That combined with our advanced network architecture provides Layer 3 and 4 DDoS protection to every service of our entire platform, automatically. In addition, StackPath WAF adds Layer 7 DDoS protection to the domains under its protection.

Large scale

At 65 Tbps, our total network capacity is 50x bigger than the largest DDoS attack publicly reported to date, letting us immediately redirect attacks and eliminate their impact on customer workloads.

Global intelligence

DDoS attacks are identified, mitigated, and further analyzed in every StackPath edge location, right where they reach our platform, and the intelligence is then distributed across our entire platform.


Our DDoS protection technology is in every server in every edge location, providing built-in, always-on Layer 3-4 DDoS attack protection for every StackPath edge compute product and edge service.

Network Security

Our team combines best practices and its extensive experience to defend all aspects of our network operations against known and emerging threats.

Full encryption

All network traffic through StackPath, including on our global private network backbone that connects all of our edge locations, is encrypted utilizing both IPSec and TLS.

Constant scanning

Our automated platform constantly executes ping sweeps and port and vulnerability scans for the detection of unauthorized usage of protocols, ports, and services, on all facets of our infrastructure.

Direct control

Every StackPath service provides extensive configuration management options for establishing authentication, preventing data gathering, and resolving security issues in the rare case they arise.

Physical Security

All StackPath edge locations are operated with strict security policies and procedures to ensure the highest level of physical access control.

Human verification

Physical access to StackPath edge locations requires sign-in and credential verification from highly trained security personnel.

Biometric access control

Physical access to our edge locations requires biometric identification. Our encrypted database verifies more than 31,000 data points for access.

24x7 monitored video

Live camera feeds of the physical access points and infrastructure itself at every edge location are continuously monitored and recorded.

Overcast Software

“Since partnering with StackPath to deliver custom web experiences and complex integrations for our clients, StackPath’s platform has proven to be reliable, fast, and secure.”

Arnar Tumi Þorsteinsson • Founder and Developer, Overcast Software

Edge Security Products and Features

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Block attempts to overwhelm your applications to make them unavailable for legitimate users.



Protect websites, apps, APIs, and more from vulnerabilities including Layer 7 DDoS attacks.



Streamline encryption management and performance with SSL served from the edge.

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Our Edge

Our secure computing platform gives developers of all kinds a new type of cloud with an unprecedented edge.


Our global network connects full-stack edge locations via private backbone for higher performance.