StackPath Edge Compute

But closer.

Illustration showing StackPath edge compute physically closer to end users than public cloud.


Get a $500 credit with this StackPath Edge Compute free trial

StackPath is a cloud computing platform at the internet’s edge. We provide infrastructure and applications as-a-service that are physically closer to the sources and destinations of data than are centralized clouds.

Use up to $500 towards StackPath Virtual Machine and Container usage and experience the ultra-low latency of StackPath Edge Compute. 

Terms of Eligibility

  • New SP// Edge Compute customers only
  • 60-day trial period
  • Have not previously signed up for POC or other free offer
  • Must provide credit card during signup
  • Agree to pay fees beyond credited amount and excluded product/features
CA Notice at Collection

Low-latency application servers

Configure and completely control a full computing environment to run multiple applications and make it exactly the web server, game server, database node, or other low-latency solution you require.

Private edge applications

Create, use, or even sell our own edge application, such as a content delivery network, virtual desktops, DNS resolvers, and more.

GPU-accelerated workloads

Deliver the computational power required by workloads such as deep-learning algorithms, intense graphical processing, and other parallel architectures. 

Isolated workloads

Meet your compliance and privacy needs with our dedicated hosts, available as custom instances with your specified compute, RAM, and storage requirements.