Gartner Report

2021 Strategic Roadmap 
for Edge Computing

Solving for latency, bandwidth, data privacy, and autonomy is changing fast. Learn what is ahead and how to take advantage of these changes.

Plan. Adapt. Advance.

According to Gartner, “Through 2022, a lack of standards or broadly accepted architectures for edge computing will ensure that over 85% of enterprises will deploy multiple incompatible technology stacks.”

Per Gartner, "Edge computing is entering the mainstream as organizations look to extend cloud to on-premises and take advantage of IoT and transformational digital business applications. I&O leads must create a roadmap to incorporate edge computing into their cloud computing plans as a foundation for new application types over the long term."

This in-depth report covers:

  • The ever-increasing benefits of edge computing
  • How the edge augments and expands the possibilities of today’s traditional cloud infrastructure
  • Creating an edge strategy by building a framework for mapping the benefits of edge to business needs
  • Actionable migration plans that detail what enterprises must do to plan for and capitalize on the benefits of edge computing

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