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We’ve brought the cloud a little more down to earth. StackPath provides infrastructure and other cloud services closer to end-users and devices. So you can build, accelerate, and protect your own workloads, momentum, and success.

Are any two words more used or confused these days than “platform” and “edge”? Nevertheless, those are the best words (at least for now) to describe StackPath. But let us explain a little more about what we think, mean, and do.

What is the edge?

The edge is a “when,” not a “where.” When data travels to and from an end-user or device to a workload running somewhere in the cloud, it actually has to hop through a series of physical locations, costing time and money and facing more points of failure.

“Edge” refers to the first/last step the data takes to and from the device. That step varies from user to user, device to device, and even moment to moment. For a smartphone being used at home or an office, a WAP is the edge. For that same smartphone being used in a car, a cell tower is the edge.

A diagram showing possible edges from a cell tower all the way to public cloud

A diagram showing StackPath edge compute closer than public cloud to the users device

What is edge computing?

Traditional cloud computing infrastructure centralizes workloads in a limited number of facilities that might be far away from end users. Edge computing, though, distributes data storage and processing across a large number of locations that can be physically closer to end users.

That way data makes few if any hops in and out of those locations, allowing for higher security, higher resiliency, reduced bandwidth costs, accelerated processing, and superior end-user experiences.

What is StackPath?

StackPath is an edge computing platform that provides both infrastructure as a service and applications, running closer to end-users and devices than the same solutions from hyper-scale, core cloud providers.

We operate high-performance, robust edge locations in the heart of major markets, connecting to end-users/devices through each region’s top providers. These locations are integrated and automated by an advanced orchestration engine.

So that our customers with latency-sensitive workloads can build their own solutions at the edge, or leverage the enterprise-grade applications that we build and deliver ourselves.

Network & Locations

Complete deployments of our computing, networking, and orchestration stack, strategically located where businesses and their end-users are most densely concentrated.


Comprehensive orchestration automates and simplifies solution provisioning, configuration, and management of solutions and account details through API and easy-to-use customer portal.

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