Virtual Machines

Build your own solution at the Internet’s front door.

Create Edge

Deploy custom systems to easily create, manage, and even sell your own edge solutions.


Put compute closer to end users to reduce response time and improve experiences.


Balance workloads across clouds and edge locations for better access.


Reduce unnecessary traffic and processing for lower bandwidth and compute costs.


“We evaluated multiple providers and ultimately selected StackPath for its low-latency VMs that now provide real-time white and blacklist feeds to our global customer base.”

Igor Seletskiy • Chief Executive Officer, CloudLinux

Closer to End Users

Our 45 (and counting) edge locations are strategically placed in the world’s most densely populated areas. That puts our compute closer to more end users and devices than compute at public cloud provider data centers.

StackPath vs. Public Cloud Provider U.S. Locations


Ultra-low Latency

With locations closer to more end users, data reaches our platform up to 2.6x faster than it reaches central cloud provider data centers, letting you process and return data as fast as possible for latency-sensitive workloads.

StackPath: 29ms
Google Cloud: 66ms
Microsoft Azure: 68.2ms
Amazon Web Services: 75ms

Average of all of each provider’s North American data center/availability zone response times, reported by Cedexis on November 15, 2019.

Example Use Cases

Multi-cloud Load Balancing

Seamlessly balance traffic to multiple central cloud providers to optimize performance and costs and avoid vendor lock-in.

Deploy private global DNS

Deploy a DNS service as a container or VM to create and manage a proprietary DNS solution for fast, private resolutions.

Deploy an SD-WAN

Combine VMs deployed as virtual appliances, proprietary VPN and secure transit to create a network that acts like a dedicated circuit.

Accelerate IoT device data processing

Decentralize IoT applications by deploying all or part of their workloads in containers or VMs at the edge, accelerating processing, reducing overall bandwidth cost, and securing data.

Deploy security hardware as a virtual appliance

Replace/reinvent costly, inflexible, regionally-limited hardware security devices by deploying proprietary/OEM software on VMs.

Deploy networking hardware as a virtual appliance

Replace/reinvent costly, inflexible, regionally-limited networking hardware by deploying proprietary/OEM software on VMs.

Create a private CDN

Combine VMs or containers running caching, secure transit, firewalls and more to create a private delivery network for enterprise or consumer services.

Create a private VPN

Build seamless VPN functionality into an application, running private VPN nodes as VMs in edge locations worldwide.

Full System Access & Control

Our infrastructure is yours. Your VMs are deployed with your choice of CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian installed and configured using best practices for security and performance. Then you can log in via SSH to further configure the OS and install software to your exact needs. And our robust APIs and easy-to-use customer portal give you system management on demand, on your terms.


Anycast Load Balancing

With Anycast IPs on your virtual machines, traffic is routed to the geographically closest compute node, keeping latency as low as possible—even in the event of failover.

  1. Multiple instances of the same resource—such as an application or content server—in different physical locations are assigned the same Anycast IP address
  2. A user or device wants to connect to that resource, and sends a request
  3. The request goes to the closest SP// edge location, where the StackPath Anycast network routes the request…
  4. …the fastest/most-responsive instance

Distributed Applications

We make it simple to place and manage your workload across multiple locations. With a single click or API call, you can have virtual machines running in StackPath edge locations in seconds, allowing you to quickly deploy a globally distributed application.


Private Network Backbone

All StackPath edge locations are connected by a dedicated private network backbone, unlike providers that use public Internet routes for “mid-gress” traffic. That means traffic within and between our Edge Compute and Edge Services is faster—up to 21%—and safer. And in many cases unmetered.

Toronto Canada Point of Presence
New York United States Point of Presence
Ashburn Virginia Point of Presence
Chicago United States Point of Presence
Atlanta United States Point of Presence
Miami United States Point of Presence
Sao Paulo Brazil Point of Presence
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Point of Presence
Madrid Spain Point of Presence
Milan Italy Point of Presence
Frankfurt Germany Point of Presence
Brussels Belgium Point of Presence
Paris France Point of Presence
Amsterdam The Netherlands Point of Presence
London United Kingdom Point of Presence
Stockholm Sweden Point of Presence
Warsaw Poland Point of Presence
Tokyo Japan Point of Presence
Seoul South Korea Point of Presence
Hong Kong China Point of Presence
Manila Philippines Point of Presence
Singapore Singapore Point of Presence
Sydney Australia Point of Presence
Melbourne Australia Point of Presence
Dallas United States Point of Presence
Denver United States Point of Presence
Phoenix United States Point of Presence
Los Angeles United States Point of Presence
San Francisco United States Point of Presence
San Jose United States Point of Presence
Seattle United States Point of Presence
Sterling Virginia Point of Presence

Additional Features

CentOS and Ubuntu Installed

Your VM is deployed with the OS you choose installed and configured using best practices for security and performance.

Intel and AMD CPUs

StackPath servers use the latest, most powerful processors from Intel and AMD.

SSD Storage

StackPath servers use only high-performance, enterprise-grade SSDs.

Robust APIs

Leverage our robust and open RESTful API to automate deploying and managing your workload.

Network Policies

Customize how all network traffic is handled before it even reaches your workload.

Built-in Metrics

Data available free for 24 hours and reporting available through a web UI and API.


“StackPath delivers awesome performance with its Anycast. We were really pleased with that when we released their virtual machines on the edge.”

Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel • Founder, BunnyCDN

Container? Virtual Machine? Serverless?


StackPath Edge Computing Virtual Machines are billed based on the number of VMs running in each location. VM usage is calculated by the second after a 5-minute per VM minimum. Sign up and get started or contact our expert team by chat.

Virtual Machine Pricing

Spec Cores RAM Root Disk (SSD) Price
SP-1 1 2GB 25GB $0.049/hour
SP-2 2 4GB 25GB $0.095/hour
SP-3 2 8GB 25GB $0.112/hour
SP-4 4 16GB 25GB $0.220/hour
SP-5 8 32GB 25GB $0.436/hour

Network Traffic Pricing

Direction Path Price
Ingress Any ingress traffic to the instance Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another within the same location Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another StackPath service e.g. WAF Free
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, except Manila $0.05/GB/month
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, from Manila $0.08/GB/month

Traffic Between Edge Locations

PoP to Region Price
North America - North America $0.01/GB
North America - Europe $0.03/GB
North America - Asia $0.04/GB
North America - Australia $0.09/GB
North America - Latin America $0.08/GB
Europe - Europe $0.01/GB
Europe - Asia $0.07/GB
Europe - Australia $0.09/GB
Europe - Latin America $0.10/GB
Asia - Asia $0.03/GB
Asia - Australia $0.09/GB
Asia - Latin America $0.10/GB
Australia - Australia $0.02/GB
Australia - Latin America $0.12/GB

IP Address Pricing

Type Price
Static IP Address Included
Global Anycast IP Address $0.05/IP/hour

Storage Pricing

Type Price
Image Storage $0.04/GB/month
Persistent Storage $0.35/GB/month

Contact us for customized, high-volume plan.