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Deploy workloads closer to end-users than ever before.

Ultra-low Latency

High Scalability & Flexibility

Multi-cloud Support

Control & Cost Effectiveness

Latency isn’t just inconvenient—it’s expensive. And the physical distance between hyper-scale cloud data centers and your end-users might not seem big, but every mile matters to workloads that measure performance in units smaller than milliseconds.

SP// Virtual Machines have the edge that latency-sensitive workloads need. Enjoy all of the scalability, efficiency, access and control benefits expected from a cloud VM, compounded by the advantage of being in StackPath edge locations worldwide. Put your workloads virtually in end-users’ backyards.

Low-latency application servers

Configure and completely control a full computing environment to run multiple applications and make it exactly the web server, game server, database node, or other low-latency solution you require.

Private edge applications

Create, use, or even sell our own edge application, such as a content delivery network, virtual desktops, DNS resolvers, and more.

GPU-accelerated workloads

Deliver the computational power required by workloads such as deep-learning algorithms, intense graphical processing, and other parallel architectures. 

StackPath has helped Network Next deliver better digital experiences for our customers. Among our suppliers, StackPath is consistently in the top-performing group in many locations.”

Glenn Fiedler • CEO, Network Next

Case Study

Ultra-low latency

Deploy VMs in any of 38 markets, part of our global platform of 44 geographically diverse locations. End-user data can reach our containers up to 2.6 times faster than public cloud VMs.

A simple chart showing average North America data center response times

A simple illustration showing StackPath edge virtual machines are physically closer to end users than public cloud.

Bandwidth optimization

Optimize how much data your workload has to move around the internet by having it processed and returned closer to end-users, reducing total bandwidth usage and minimizing data corruption and vulnerability inherently to data in transit.

Multi-cloud support

StackPath VMs are designed to become a seamless part of your multi-cloud strategy. Familiar controls, open source operating systems, and robust APIs make it easy to integrate and manage StackPath VMs in manual operations, automated workflows, and CI/CD pipelines, to complement third-party services with new levels of optimization and speed.

A simple illustration showing ease of StackPath vendor integration for virtual machines.

A simple diagram showing Anycast choosing the closest compute instance.

High scalability and flexibility

Leverage Anycast IP addresses and autoscaling to meet demand spikes, route traffic to the fastest-responding VMs, and establish other sophisticated methods to ensure instances are not overloaded, all requests are served promptly, and your operations run efficiently.

More control and cost-effectiveness

Simplify operations by deploying to a fully managed environment with instant deployment, no clusters to deal with, a robust and open RESTful API, support for CI/CD environments and existing DevOps tools like Terraform and direct control over CPU, memory, disk resources and location.

A simple illustration showing StackPath portal and API ease of use

Key Features

CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian Installed

Deploy VMs with the latest certified CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian distributions of Linux installed, configured by StackPath using best security and performance practices.

Anycast IP Addresses

Add Anycast IPs to automatically distribute end-user/client traffic to your fastest-responding VM.

Image Capture & Storage

Capture and store images of existing VMs to enable autoscaling, rapid deployment, or convenient rollbacks for version control and backward compatibility.


Seamlessly scale up and out during periods of high demand to ensure workload availability without any service degradation.

Instant Deployment

Have VMs running in any or many StackPath edge locations in seconds with a single click or API call.

CI/CD Support

Push changes to VMs with CLI tools that integrate with your existing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, reducing the risk of code changes to mission-critical workloads.

L3-L4 DDoS Protection

Detect and mitigate L3-L4 volumetric attacks for VM workloads on SP// Edge Compute with automated detection of 99% of attacks within seconds. DDoS scrubbing is built into each edge location and happens in line with the traffic, adding no additional latency for clean traffic.

Dedicated Hosts

Enjoy host-level isolation to address noisy neighbors, compliance, and privacy requirements, all with the same EdgeEngine™ orchestration engine. Talk with our sales team to get started.

Support Plans

Our optional Silver, Gold, and Platinum Support Plans provide increasing levels of our acclaimed customer and technical support, so that you tailor the level of engagement and assistance you need from StackPath to your specific workload and internal skill levels and resources.

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Our platform

High performance, fully automated platform designed to deliver proximity, distribution, and cost optimization for latency-sensitive and distributed applications.

Network & locations

Complete deployments of our computing, networking, and orchestration stack, strategically located where businesses and end-users are most densely concentrated.


Comprehensive orchestration simplifies provisioning, configuration, and management of solutions and account details through API and easy-to-use customer portal.

$500 credit for new accounts

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SP// Virtual Machines are billed based on the number of VMs running in each location. VM usage is calculated by the second after a 5-minute per VM minimum. Sign up and get started or request a demo today.

General purpose instances

Root Disk
(SSD, GiB)

GPU-accelerated instances

Root Disk
(SSD, GiB)
SG-1NVIDIA A2/161124825$0.969
SG-2NVIDIA A2/162249625$1.935
SG-4NVIDIA A2/1644819225$3.866

Custom instances

Dedicated hostsContact Sales 

External traffic

Ingress from the public internetIncluded
Egress price per GiB is tiered per monthly usage, reducing the cost per GiB as more data is transferred out of a region:
0 – 10TiB10 – 50TiB50 – 150TiB≥150TiB
Middle East$0.062$0.048$0.043$0.031
N. America$0.050$0.048$0.039$0.028

Internal traffic

Egress from one instance to another instance in a different StackPath edge location:
AfricaAsiaAustraliaEuropeMiddle EastN. America
Middle East$0.04$0.03$0.04$0.02$0.02
N. America$0.03$0.04$0.09$0.03$0.02$0.01

IP addresses

Static IP addressIncluded
Global anycast IP address$0.05
Additional unicast IP address$0.005

L3-L4 DDoS protection

Pay as you use$0.03


Image storage$0.04
Persistent storage$0.35


Standard support*Included
* See Support page for details and upgrade options.

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