& Locations

StackPath is built from the ground up to provide enterprise-grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service with a high proximity and highly distributed footprint.

Strategic global locations

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Cloud-scale architecture

Secure design & operations

High-speed & capacity

Global transit & peering partners

High-proximity deployment

Our edge locations are strategically located directly inside major, densely populated markets around the world, to put us within single-digit milliseconds reach of as many companies and end-users as possible.

A simple illustration showing StackPath network transit and 24-7 operations center.

Enterprise-grade network

Every StackPath location boasts redundant connections with its region’s best transit and peering partners and is managed 24 x 7 by our expert network operations center. This ensures enterprise-grade performance and reliability and enables us to intelligently route traffic around network congestion, weather-caused outages, and other performance obstacles.

Full-scale installations

While other platforms might claim hundreds of locations, the majority of their maps’ dots are simple network PoPs or limited deployments. But every StackPath edge location is a complete (just compact and closer) cloud data center, designed to scale and deliver our full suite of products, with consistent reliability and performance.

Advanced server architecture

Every StackPath server is outfitted with proprietary SmartNIC technology and solid state drives (SSDs) to deliver the highest server-level speed, reliability, security, and flexibility.

Enterprise-grade networking

Every StackPath edge location features top-of-the-line routers and high-density, layer-3, top-of-rack spine switches to deliver highly performant, reliable, and scalable networking.

Terabit throughput

Each StackPath location is designed for scalable throughput; all servers feature 10/25/40/100Gbps connectivity and our team is constantly innovating more ways to open the throttle.


Continuous network vulnerability scanning

Our automated platform constantly executes ping sweeps and port and vulnerability scans for the detection of unauthorized usage of protocols, ports, and services, on all facets of our infrastructure.

Direct customer configuration & control

Every StackPath service provides extensive configuration management options for establishing authentication, preventing data gathering, and resolving security issues in the rare case they arise.

Biometric & human access verification & control

Physical access to StackPath edge locations requires biometric identification, and human sign-in and credential verification from highly trained security personnel. Our encrypted database verifies more than 31,000 data points for access. Live camera feeds of the physical access points and infrastructure itself at every edge location are continuously monitored and recorded.