Edge Compute

One platform gives you true VMs, Containers, Serverless, and more in the same stack as a full suite of Edge Services. Build your own edge.

Virtual Machines

Deploy workloads at the edge with the ability to configure and control the environment.


Deploy applications with on-demand computing and zero system management required.

Serverless Scripting

Run lightweight code at the edge for completely stateless, always-on processing.

Object Storage

Integrate fast storage with edge solutions to store, access, and move data for less.

What is edge computing?

With traditional cloud computing workloads are centralized in a limited number of facilities that might be far away from end users. Data has to make a number of hops to and from these locations, costing time and money and being more vulnerable to single points of failure.


True edge computing enables workloads to be distributed across a large number of edge locations that are physically closer to end users. Data makes few if any hops in and out of those locations, allowing for higher security, higher resiliency, reduced bandwidth costs, accelerated processing, and superior end-user experiences.

Net Insight

“StackPath was my first exposure to a system that had truly embraced leveraging containers for delivery and was able to build a distributed application that could scale.”

Stefan Gustafsson • Chief Solution Officer, Net Insight

Example Use Cases

Deploy an SD-WAN

Combine VMs deployed as virtual appliances, proprietary VPN and secure transit to create a network that acts like a dedicated circuit.

Deploy private global DNS

Deploy a DNS service as a container or VM to create and manage a proprietary DNS solution for fast, private resolutions.

Deploy security hardware as a virtual appliance

Replace/reinvent costly, inflexible, regionally-limited hardware security devices by deploying proprietary/OEM software on VMs.

Deploy security software as a service

Convert legacy security software titles to run and be sold as a global security service, deployed in containers.

Deploy networking hardware as a virtual appliance

Replace/reinvent costly, inflexible, regionally-limited networking hardware by deploying proprietary/OEM software on VMs.

Deploy networking software as a service

Convert and deploy legacy on-prem network management or protection software as a global solution in containers or scripts.

Create a private VPN

Build seamless VPN functionality into an application, running private VPN nodes as VMs in edge locations worldwide.

Create a private cloud firewall

Create customized global firewall functionality through scripting at the edge that intercepts, analyzes, and directs all traffic.

Create a private CDN

Combine VMs or containers running caching, secure transit, firewalls and more to create a private delivery network for enterprise or consumer services.

Accelerate IoT device data processing

Decentralize IoT applications by deploying all or part of their workloads in containers or VMs at the edge, accelerating processing, reducing overall bandwidth cost, and securing data.


“We check the serverless script code right into a GitHub repository and use StackPath’s CLI to deploy it. Within seconds it’s live. There’s virtually no population time. It’s great.”

Jason Byrne • VP, Software Development, FloSports

Selecting Edge Compute

Every workload is different. We provide the full spectrum of edge computing options, from fully-serverless scripting to VMs to configure and manage on your own terms. Choose the StackPath Edge Compute product that meets your specific needs.

Virtual Machines Containers Serverless Scripting
Latency Ultra-low Ultra-low Ultra-low
APIs/CLI Control Yes Yes Yes
Startup Speed Fast Faster Fastest
Deployment Speed Fast Faster Fastest
Scalability High Higher Highest
OS Resource Control Yes No No
Virtualized Hardware Control Yes No No
Multi-app Support Yes No No
OS Selection Yes No No
Cost per GHz Low Lower Lowest

“StackPath delivers awesome performance with its Anycast. We were really pleased with that when we released their virtual machines on the edge.”

Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel • Founder, BunnyCDN

Closer to End Users

Our 45 (and counting) edge locations are strategically placed in the world’s most densely populated areas. That puts our compute closer to more end users and devices than compute at public cloud provider data centers.

StackPath vs. Public Cloud Provider U.S. Locations


Ultra-low Latency

With locations closer to more end users, data reaches our platform up to 2.6x faster than it reaches central cloud provider data centers, letting you process and return data as fast as possible for latency-sensitive workloads.

StackPath: 29ms
Google Cloud: 66ms
Microsoft Azure: 68.2ms
Amazon Web Services: 75ms

Average of all of each provider’s North American data center/availability zone response times, reported by Cedexis on November 15, 2019.

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