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Ultra-low Latency

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What is edge compute?

Edge Compute

Edge Compute is distributed across a large number of locations that are physically closer to end-users. Data doesn’t have to make as many hops to and from these locations, allowing for better security, resiliency, costs, and end-user experiences.

Cloud Compute

Cloud compute is centralized in a limited number of facilities that might be far away from end-users. Data has to make many hops to and from these locations, costing time and money and being more vulnerable to single points of failure.

stackpath vs public cloud

A concept diagram showing StackPath compute measurably closer to end users and faster than public cloud



Combine VMs deployed as virtual appliances, proprietary VPN, and secure transit to create a network that acts as a dedicated circuit.

private global DNS

Deploy a DNS service as a container or VM to create and manage a proprietary DNS solution for fast, private resolutions.

security hardware as a virtual appliance

Replace/reinvent costly, inflexible, regionally-limited hardware security devices by deploying proprietary/OEM software on VMs.

security software as a service

Convert legacy security software titles to run and be sold as a global security service, deployed in containers.

networking hardware as a virtual appliance

Integrate an authentication management service into your workflow, triggering authorization processes for any inbound request and subsequently allowing access. This increases privacy, protects valuable content, and total access control.

networking software as a service

Convert and deploy legacy on-prem network management or protection software as a global solution in containers or scripts.

private VPN

Build seamless VPN functionality into an application, running private VPN nodes as VMs in edge locations worldwide.

Private cloud firewall

Create customized global firewall functionality through scripting at the edge that intercepts, analyzes, and directs all traffic.

Private CDN

Combine VMs or containers running caching, secure transit, firewalls, and more to create a private delivery network for enterprise or consumer services.

Accelerate IoT device data processing

Decentralize IoT applications by deploying all or part of their workloads in containers or VMs at the edge, accelerating processing, reducing overall bandwidth cost, and securing data.

Give your Gaming or Media workloads an edge.

Containers or Virtual Machines?

Every workload is different. Pick the right infrastructure to meet your unique needs.

RequirementVirtual MachinesContainers
APIs/CLI ControlYesYes
Startup SpeedFastFaster
Deployment SpeedFastFaster
OS Resource ControlYesNo
Virtualized Hardware ControlYesNo
Multi-app SupportYesNo
OS SelectionYesNo
Cost per GHzLowLower

Ultra-low latency

Deploy edge compute in any of 38 edge locations, part of our global platform of 73 geographically diverse locations connected by a private network backbone. End-user data can reach our containers up to 2.6x faster than public cloud containers, and data can move between edge locations 21% faster than if routed over the public internet.

A simple chart showing average North America data center response times

A simple illustration showing StackPath edge locations are physically closer to end users than public cloud.

Bandwidth optimization

Optimize how much data your workload has to move around the internet by having it processed and returned closer to end-users, reducing total bandwidth usage and minimizing data corruption and vulnerability inherently to data in transit.

Multi-cloud support

Complement and even integrate services from one or more legacy cloud providers with containers designed for vendor neutrality and industry-standard compatibility to avoid vendor lock-in and find new optimization levels by combining the advantages of core cloud and edge computing.

A simple illustration showing ease of StackPath vendor integration

A simple illustration showing StackPath compute ease of distribution

Distributed applications

We make it simple to place and manage your workload across multiple locations. With a single click or API call, you can have virtual machines or containers running in StackPath edge locations in seconds so you can deploy a globally distributed application quickly.

Private network backbone

All StackPath edge locations are connected by a dedicated private network backbone, unlike providers that use public Internet routes for “mid-gress” traffic. That means traffic within and between our Edge Compute and Edge Services is faster—up to 21%—and safer. And in many cases unmetered.

High scalability and flexibility

Leverage Anycast IP addresses and autoscaling to meet demand spikes, route traffic to the fastest-responding containers, and establish other sophisticated methods to ensure instances are not overloaded, all requests are served promptly, and your operations run efficiently.

A simple diagram showing Anycast choosing the closest compute instance.

A simple illustration showing StackPath portal and API ease of use

More control and cost-effectiveness

Simplify operations by deploying to a fully managed environment with instant deployment, no clusters to deal with, a robust and open RESTful API, support for CI/CD environments and existing DevOps tools like Terraform and direct control over CPU, memory, disk resources and location.

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Powering all of StackPath is a high-performance, fully automated, and completely secure global platform that seamlessly integrates best-in-class orchestration, hardware infrastructure, and network architecture.

Edge locations

73 edge locations strategically deployed where customers’ end-users are most densely concentrated. Unlike legacy providers’, each location is a complete deployment of our computing, networking, and orchestration stack.


Our orchestration engine provisions and manages all aspects of SP// edge IaaS, edge applications, and accounts, and puts the whole StackPath platform at customers’ fingertips via an easy to use customer portal and comprehensive APIs.

Edge network

Our multi-dimensional network provides high-speed throughput (with up to 95% of all traffic handed directly to last-mile networks) and exceptional total egress capacity (100+Tbps). Also, it keeps data off the public internet as long as possible.

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