Deploy your own image at the Internet's edge.


Put compute closer to end users to reduce response time and improve experiences.


Deploy and manage workloads in one, many, or all StackPath locations with one click.


Balance workloads across clouds and edge locations for better application accessibility.


Reduce unnecessary traffic and processing for lower bandwidth and compute costs.

Net Insight

“StackPath was my first exposure to a system that had truly embraced leveraging containers for delivery and was able to build a distributed application that could scale.”

Stefan Gustafsson • Chief Solution Officer, Net Insight

Why Edge Compute?

Our 45 (and counting) edge locations are strategically placed in the world’s most densely populated areas. That puts compute on our platform closer to more end users and devices than compute in public cloud data centers.

That means data reaches our platform up to 2.6x faster than it reaches central cloud provider data centers, letting you process and return data for latency-sensitive workloads as fast as possible.

StackPath vs. Public Cloud Provider U.S. Locations


Ultra-low Latency

With locations closer to more end users, data reaches our platform up to 2.6x faster than it reaches central cloud provider data centers, letting you process and return data as fast as possible for latency-sensitive workloads.

StackPath: 29ms
Google Cloud: 66ms
Microsoft Azure: 68.2ms
Amazon Web Services: 75ms

Average of all of each provider’s North American data center/availability zone response times, reported by Cedexis on November 15, 2019.

Example Use Cases

Divide applications into microservices

Break applications into independent microservices that can run as isolated processes for better control, reliability, and savings.

Scale and accelerate batch processes

Start rote, batch processing jobs fast and enable their resources to scale up and down dynamically with demand.

Facilitate machine learning

Run and scale machine learning simulations and models rapidly, as close as possible to original data sources.

Optimize hybrid cloud applications

Streamline operations for workloads that need functions running both on-premises and in the cloud.

Move legacy applications to the cloud

Repackage whole applications and redeploy them on the cloud with little or even no re-development.

Balance loads across cloud providers

Seamlessly balance traffic to multiple central cloud providers to optimize performance and costs and avoid vendor lock-in.

OCI Compatible Images

StackPath Containers support images based on the Open Container Initiative (OCI) image specification. Build in Docker or another industry-standard tool. Upload to Github or right to our platform. Deploy on the edge, on demand.

Learn about deploying a containerized web app on StackPath:


Anycast Load Balancing

With Anycast IPs on your containers, traffic is routed to the geographically closest compute node, keeping latency as low as possible—even in the event of failover.

  1. Multiple instances of the same resource—such as an application or content server—in different physical locations are assigned the same Anycast IP address
  2. A user or device wants to connect to that resource, and sends a request
  3. The request goes to the closest SP// edge location, where the StackPath Anycast network routes the request…
  4. …to the fastest/most-responsive instance

Distributed Applications

We make it simple to place and manage your workload across multiple locations. With a single click or API call, you can have containers running in any or all StackPath edge locations in seconds, allowing you to quickly deploy a globally distributed application.


Private Network Backbone

All StackPath edge locations are connected by a dedicated private network backbone, unlike providers that use public Internet routes for “mid-gress” traffic. That means traffic within and between our Edge Compute and Edge Services is faster—up to 21%—and safer. And in many cases unmetered.

Toronto Canada Point of Presence
New York United States Point of Presence
Ashburn Virginia Point of Presence
Chicago United States Point of Presence
Atlanta United States Point of Presence
Miami United States Point of Presence
Sao Paulo Brazil Point of Presence
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Point of Presence
Madrid Spain Point of Presence
Milan Italy Point of Presence
Frankfurt Germany Point of Presence
Brussels Belgium Point of Presence
Paris France Point of Presence
Amsterdam The Netherlands Point of Presence
London United Kingdom Point of Presence
Stockholm Sweden Point of Presence
Warsaw Poland Point of Presence
Tokyo Japan Point of Presence
Seoul South Korea Point of Presence
Hong Kong China Point of Presence
Manila Philippines Point of Presence
Singapore Singapore Point of Presence
Sydney Australia Point of Presence
Melbourne Australia Point of Presence
Dallas United States Point of Presence
Denver United States Point of Presence
Phoenix United States Point of Presence
Los Angeles United States Point of Presence
San Francisco United States Point of Presence
San Jose United States Point of Presence
Seattle United States Point of Presence
Sterling Virginia Point of Presence

Additional Features

SSD Storage

StackPath servers use only high-performance, enterprise-grade SSDs.

Network Policies

Customize how all network traffic is handled before it even reaches your workload.

Built-in Metrics

Data available free for 24 hours and reporting available through a web UI and API.

Robust APIs

Leverage our robust and open RESTful API to automate deploying and managing your workload.


“We created a unique solution to help gaming studios beat their number one problem—lag—with StackPath’s edge containers.”

Mathieu Duperré • Founder & CEO, Edgegap

Container? Virtual Machine? Serverless?


StackPath Containers are billed based on the number of containers running in each location. Usage is calculated by the second after a 5-minute per container minimum. Sign up and get started or contact our expert team by chat.

Container Pricing

Spec Cores RAM Root Disk (SSD) Price
SP-1 1 2GB 5GB $0.046/hour
SP-2 2 4GB 10GB $0.093/hour
SP-3 2 8GB 10GB $0.109/hour
SP-4 4 16GB 20GB $0.219/hour
SP-5 8 32GB 40GB $0.438/hour

Network Traffic Pricing

Direction Path Price
Ingress Any ingress traffic to the instance Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another within the same location Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another StackPath service e.g. WAF Free
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, except Manila $0.05/GB/month
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, from Manila $0.08/GB/month

Traffic Between Edge Locations

PoP to Region Price
North America - North America $0.01/GB
North America - Europe $0.03/GB
North America - Asia $0.04/GB
North America - Australia $0.09/GB
North America - Latin America $0.08/GB
Europe - Europe $0.01/GB
Europe - Asia $0.07/GB
Europe - Australia $0.09/GB
Europe - Latin America $0.10/GB
Asia - Asia $0.03/GB
Asia - Australia $0.09/GB
Asia - Latin America $0.10/GB
Australia - Australia $0.02/GB
Australia - Latin America $0.12/GB

IP Address Pricing

Type Price
Static IP Address Included
Global Anycast IP Address $0.05/IP/hour

Storage Pricing

Type Price
Persistent Storage $0.35/GB/month