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Game Development

Valve / Steam

"StackPath (formerly Highwinds) has been an important part of the infrastructure behind our Steam platform since 2011. As our customer base grows internationally and we continue to post large year-over-year increases in our numbers, StackPath remains a vital partner for us. The global reach and massive scalability of StackPath CDN make it an ideal solution for our game delivery needs."

Mike Dunkle
Business Development, Valve




"StackPath knows the needs of game developers and publishers, which aligns their knowledge with our needs very well. StackPath gives us advanced analytics, control with an easily accessible API and console, and a great team that works closely with us to make sure our content is always performing its best."

Deepak Thakral
VP, Product & Engineering, Chartboost

Case Study

Hirez Studios

Game Development

Hi-Rez Studios

"We’ve been a happy customer of StackPath (formerly Highwinds) since 2012. Our relationship with the company, and even more so with the people, feels like a true partnership. As SMITE, Paladins, and our other titles grew, and our customer base expanded, so did their network. As our needs became more complex, they built new features and options to optimize our game delivery, so our players always get a world-class experience. We’re big fans of StackPath.”

Nabil Ismail
VP, Operations & Technology, Hi-Rez Studios


Media Streaming


"We have been using StackPath as our CDN provider since the very beginning and were proud to have them as our partner for the launch of dotstudioPRO. Their customer service is unparalleled, matched only by their robust delivery system. They have always been on the cutting edge providing delivery solutions that empower creators to reach their audiences worldwide."

Joe Pascual
Co-Founder, Dotstudioz

Case Study


Media Streaming

Video Intelligence

“Our commitment to publishers, content providers, and brands is that we’ll make the right choices for their content, and that video will be delivered flawlessly whether that means Sydney, Berlin, or San Francisco. We couldn’t do that without StackPath. Their CDN is really big and very reliable. Their advanced, real-time analytics support our intelligent platform too. I also really like the team we work with – nice people with a great understanding of the tech.”

Alex Semenets
CTO, Video Intelligence


Podcast Network

Liberated Syndication

"We've been a customer of StackPath (formerly Highwinds) for many years now.  They've been a key infrastructure partner as we've utilized their CDN and cloud storage services to support our growth and ability to serve over 7 billion requests a year to a monthly audience of over 90 million.  Their global reach and excellent performance are crucial to our business, but it's the stellar customer support that makes them standout from the competition."

Todd Kammerer
Director of Information Technology, Liberated Syndication


Media Streaming


"Partnering with StackPath enables us to increase Giraffic's reach as well as complement our existing customers with a complete CDN offering by one of the global CDN market leaders. We were astounded by the excellent performance of StackPath CDN and its deep global reach."

Yoel Zanger
CEO and Founder, Giraffic




“Low latency between music videos is key for XITE. StackPath delivers exactly that.”

Marius Brok
VP Partnerships EMEA, XITE




"We use StackPath to ensure the pages are there and everything works."

Leo Mindel
Director of Technology, Sotic


Media Streaming


"We have always valued the partnership approach taken by StackPath with us as well as the excellent quality of their services and fast response time from their engineering team."

Emanuel Viklund
CEO, Flowplayer

This American Life


This American Life, Serial, S Town

"S-Town”, developed by “This American Life” and “Serial” creators, broke download records and made podcast history. StackPath provides the CDN that ensures a flawless download and streaming experience for the record-breaking listening audience. S-Town gained popularity faster than any podcast before it.

Case Study


OTT Platform


“StackPath provides the reach, stability, and scale we need to deliver for our customers, and more importantly, our customers’ customers. Whether it’s watching the FIFA World Cup in Indonesia or streaming live concerts in Brazil, our OTT clients provide flawless online video experiences using the TV2U platform, which runs on StackPath.”

Liaqat Fayyaz

Digital Publishing & Advertising

Digital Publishing


“In the process of moving TechSpot to serve all the site's content via HTTPS and upgrading our overall performance, we discovered the need for a modern full-service CDN. After careful consideration, we decided StackPath was our best option. After some preparation, it literally took us days to move over and we've been happy with the decision ever since.”

Julio Franco
Executive Editor, TechSpot

Case Study

Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel

Digital Publishing

Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel

“We use StackPath to provide an exceptional video experience for the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel). By leveraging StackPath’s expertise and second-to-none video streaming, we are able to deliver on our vision to save veteran’s lives by broadcasting healing shows to our nation’s veterans."

Glenn Towery
Chairman & Founder, Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel


Digital Publishing

" uses StackPath’s CDN for delivering images from our high traffic website (600,000 unique visitors a day) in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not only do we save money since switching to StackPath, they are also the fastest and most reliable content deliverer out there. They help us fulfill our mission goal: “to create the ultimate shopping experience."

Willem Laarman
Chief Scrum Master,




"We selected StackPath’s CDN because they offer the best performance at a competitive price point. Migration was smooth, and their support team is always helpful. I would recommend StackPath to any media technology company that needs high availability and the ability to scale."

Brian Robinson
CTO, Addroid


Digital Publishing


“Our data-driven infrastructure relies on real-time services. We went with StackPath because everything from their platform to support team is fast and immediately accessible.”

Maurizio Sambati
CTO, Viralize



Adopt Media

"We initially contacted StackPath due to attractive pricing, but we scaled up our activity due to the excellent technology and outstanding service."

Yossi Asulin
CEO, Adopt Media


Digital Publishing


"Everything is great. We are very happy with StackPath. It just works. Zero attention."

Ishay Green
CTO & Co-Founder, Spot.IM

Software & Technology

Content Delivery


“Access to easy-to-use, reliable, and high-performing service providers, through a single-user interface, are the core-values of Fuugo Symphony. By adding StackPath’s global CDN, our clients can now also rely on Symphony to quickly and safely deliver their content, to any device, across any region.”

Robert Gribnau
CEO, Fuugo

Press Release


Web Development


"Since we've been using the StackPath CDN, our customers don't remember how to even SPELL "Lag". Their ability to scale and remain extremely efficient and performant at the same time has been the guarantor of success for countless projects and allows both ourselves and our customers to stay a step ahead of the competition. In addition to that, they show a deep technical understanding throughout all of their ranks which makes StackPath simply a pleasure to work with."

Rene Siegl


Data Transfer


“The top broadcasters, government agencies, and aerospace companies worldwide rely on Baron for our Critical Weather Intelligence, so choosing the right infrastructure for delivering our content online is mission critical. In StackPath we have a partner that not only operates a platform with the size and performance we need, but also a team that treats up-time with the same level of seriousness we do.”

Glen Denny
President Enterprise Solution, Baron

Overcast Software

Web Development

Overcast Software

“We partner with StackPath to provide the web services and network infrastructure we need to deliver custom web experiences and complex integrations for our clients. The StackPath platform has proven to be reliable, fast, and secure. From our home in Iceland to the web visitors our customers support globally, we see the highest level of performance every time.”

Arnar Tumi Þorsteinsson
Founder and Developer, Overcast Software


File Delivery


"As we increasingly distribute our software and maps worldwide, it's imperative that our apps deliver an optimal experience to the end-user. StackPath helped us achieve that goal by providing technology, performance, and prices better aligned with our expectations."

João Pedro Leite
COO, NDrive SA

New Medio

Web Development

New Medio

“StackPath is highly configurable, highly reliable, globally distributed, and competitively priced. It has been a real asset for us and our clients.”

Adam Nemec
CEO, New Medio


Mobile Development


“When Appodeal set out to empower mobile app publishers, we knew that we were going to need the right tech, the right infrastructure, and the right partners. We found all three in StackPath. Their CDN is critical to ensuring fast, secure, and reliable ad delivery for our clients, and on top of that, their people are just really cool to work with.”

Pavel Golubev
CEO, Appodeal

Startups & Open Source


Sociable App

"We’ve have been a happy customer of StackPath’s Propel program since 2017. Our relationship with the company, and even more so with the Propel team, feels like a true partnership. As Sociable App’s customer base and needs have expanded, so did StackPath’s network and their team’s accessibility. We have felt comfortable with StackPath and are big fans.”

Fatih Colakoglu
Founder, Sociable App

Rga Ventures

Startup Partner

R/GA Ventures

“One of the best things about working with the StackPath ecosystem team is their dedication to our ecosystem of entrepreneurs and founders. Their innate ability to help with so many issues founders face every day is rare to find. As founders themselves, and successful ones at that, R/GA is fortunate to have partners as dedicated and able as StackPath.” 

Dylan Boyd
Director, R/GA Ventures

Js Foundation

Open Source

JS Foundation

“Core to the JS Foundation vision is to drive broad adoption of key JavaScript solutions. StackPath helps us achieve this vision by partnering with us on the delivery of open source JavaScript projects. StackPath CDN is as reliable as they come, and it has the scale and reach we need for our global developer community."

Kris Borchers
Executive Director, JS Foundation


Open Source


"Without StackPath, BootstrapCDN wouldn't be able to sustain itself. They truly care about the open source community and we couldn't be happier to have them as a partner."

Justin Dorfman