Streamline your SSL management and performance. With EdgeSSL, your SSL certificates are served from our PoPs, taking that workload off of your origin.

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Real-time Activation & Updates

Immediate Security

You should never have to wait for security. EdgeSSL lets you add and change SSL certificates at will. Updates are activated in real time—no manual installations or waiting for deployment.

Edge Delivery

High Efficiency

Serving SSL from the edge gives you an edge all its own. EdgeSSL secures your site right where your end users are, for faster end-user experiences and freeing your origin server from this CPU-intensive task.

No Additional Cost

Always Included

We aren’t running a protection racket. EdgeSSL is included with every CDN package at no additional charge. At StackPath, security comes standard.

01 Automatic EdgeSSL Protection
02 Free Private Certificates
03 Third Party Certificate Support

Automatic EdgeSSL Protection

Our SSL is your SSL

By default every StackPath CDN and StackPath WAF site is protected using a StackPath EdgeSSL certificate—no activation or configuration required.

Learn more about our automatic EdgeSSL protection »

Free Private Certificates

Let’s give you some privacy

While other edge services only provide shared SSL certificate protection, a free private StackPath EdgeSSL certificate is available for every StackPath CDN or StackPath WAF site you create. They’re easy to request and set up.

  • Full-256 bit encryption
  • 2048-bit signatures
  • Automatic renewal
  • Up to $1,750,000 warranty
  • Provided in partnership with Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA)

Learn more about our Free Private EdgeSSL Certificates »

Third Party Certificate Support

BYOC (Bring your own certificate)

If you already have an SSL certificate that you would like to use with EdgeSSL, they can be easily uploaded to your StackPath CDN or StackPath WAF configurations in our easy-to-use customer portal. They’re instantly propagated to all StackPath edge nodes, ready to protect your services with just a single click.

Learn more about using a third-party SSL certificate with EdgeSSL »