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Developing and delivering Internet-enabled games is not rated E for everyone. As games get faster, richer, and more interactive, players get less patient with lag, downloads, down-rezzing, and device incompatibility.

StackPath is a complete edge-computing platform, giving you a full range of options for solving these challenges by placing game workloads and applications closer to players than ever before. See how. Game on.

StackPath knows the needs of game developers and publishers, which aligns their knowledge with our needs very well. StackPath gives us advanced analytics, control with an easily accessible API and console, and a great team that works closely with us to make sure our content is always performing its best.”

Deepak Thakral • VP, Product & Engineering, Chartboost

Case Study

Industry-leading studios, publishers, and game technology providers find StackPath wins for:

Application protection

Protect applications including websites, online games, APIs and SaaS products, with little to no additional performance overhead or impact to legitimate traffic

Content protection

Control access to and protect the value of the content you sell or deliver, such as photography, video streams and files, audio streams and software packages

DDoS attack mitigation

Block and resolve application-layer DDoS attacks of any size, with unique and comprehensive identification technologies and techniques.

Virtual patching

Quickly and easily protect newly identified application vulnerabilities that have not yet been patched in your application source code.


Our platform literally gives gaming workloads an edge. Actually, make that “edges,” plural. Here’re a few examples.

Fast and Reliable Global Downloads

Our advanced delivery technologies include segmented file downloads for any file size and exceptional cache depth to make downloads fast, efficient and dependable.

3x Faster End-user to IaaS Connections

Our virtual machines and containers are closer end users, giving your workloads lower latency.

Better Multiplayer, Mobile and XR Experiences

Placing workloads at the edge provides the low latency that the most demanding game technologies require.

Easy Content Customization

A wide range of dynamic delivery features makes it easy to customize content on the fly, including in-game ads, to provide personalized player experiences.

Global private network backbone

All StackPath solutions leverage our edge network with a private backbone between our locations for faster, secure, intelligent data transfer.



EDGE Locations


Egress Capacity


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Empower game workloads with industry-leading edge compute and applications running on our global edge platform.

Edge Compute

Deploy game servers, applications, micro-services, and more on your terms, with virtual machines or containers in our edge locations worldwide.

Up to 3x faster connections


Anycast IP Addresses

Network Policy Controls

A simple illustration showing StackPath compute ease of distribution
A simple illustration showing ease of automation

Edge Delivery

Accelerate, customize, and control delivery of game downloads, in-game content, APIs and more with intelligent CDN or robust Edge Delivery, with powerful features, including:

Direct Connect

Edge Security

Protect game servers, APIs, and services with a powerful cloud firewall that provides enterprise-grade protection with little-to-no setup and configuration required.

Extensive standard security policies

OWASP threat protection

Device-level fingerprinting

Bot protection

Layer-7 DDoS attack mitigation

A simple illustration showing ease of use for StackPath WAF

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Our platform

High performance, fully automated platform designed to deliver proximity, distribution, and cost optimization for latency-sensitive and distributed applications.

Network & locations

Complete deployments of our computing, networking, and orchestration stack, strategically located where businesses and end-users are most densely concentrated.


Comprehensive orchestration simplifies provisioning, configuration, and management of solutions and account details through API and easy-to-use customer portal.