Everything customers love about Highwinds CDN is being integrated into the new StackPath CDN service, with even better performance, integration with more StackPath secure edge services (including WAF), and the future of our platform. Here are details on the transition.

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    Meet StackPath 2.0.

We’re proud to have launched “StackPath 2.0”, the next generation of our platform.

StackPath 2.0 features a new, cloud-scale network and new secure edge services—including a new StackPath CDN that integrates and consolidates the powerful features of our three exceptional legacy CDN services (MaxCDN, Secure CDN, and Highwinds CDN).

If you’re a new StackPath customer, we can get you started on StackPath 2.0 today.

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Existing Highwinds Customers

What's changed.

If you’re an existing Highwinds customer, you can continue to manage your service and account as always—there have been no changes to pricing, features, customer portal, or logins.

Eventually there will be a transition for your existing account, as it becomes a StackPath 2.0 account, and a migration of your legacy services onto the new platform. We promise to provide a frictionless process, clear schedules, and plenty of time and communications beforehand.

If you don’t want to wait, you’re invited to create an account in the new platform and begin using our new StackPath CDN today. (You currently will not be able to link your existing Highwinds account and a new StackPath account, but will be able to in the near term. For now you would have two separate accounts, logins, and invoices.)

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