Dec 03, 2021

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) provides privacy rights for EU individuals over how their personal data is collected, processed and maintained.

StackPath supports our customers in meeting their obligations under the GDPR, through our role as a GDPR-compliant data processor. As our customers maintain their compliance with applicable GDPR regulations, they can do so with the knowledge that StackPath will be a supportive business partner.

1. Data Processing Addendum

One of your requirements as a customer may be to have a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) from your vendors. We have an easy-to-use DPA for existing customers, recently updated to incorporate the new standard contractual clauses issued by the EU Commission (and applicable to transfers of personal data from the EEA and Switzerland). If you have determined that you are a controller under the terms of the GDPR and need a written personal data processing agreement with us, follow this link. You can sign electronically, and a confirmation copy will be provided to you. Note that this DPA is only effective if you are an existing customer.

2. Privacy Settings and Requests

StackPath provides information about our data privacy policies, including how we use cookies, in the Privacy section of this website. We also provide tools on this website that allow users to control privacy preferences for certain aspects of using this site or interacting with StackPath, such as for cookies and marketing. If you have any data privacy or personal data questions or requests, please contact