User Data Usage




Feb 01, 2017

1. Website Tracking

We use an integrated marketing automation platform and tool to track visitors using browser cookies. Every time a visitor lands on our website, the platform and tool will check for the presence of an existing tracking cookie. If one does not exist, the platform spins up a unique cookie for that visitor and will log every page that person visits moving forward.

There are a few things to be aware of in regards to how the platform and tool handles tracking cookies: Visitors will be tracked anonymously before they become contacts (submit a form on our website). If and when a visitor fills out a form, the platform will associate their previous page views based on the tracking cookie.

If a visitor deletes his or her cookies, he or she will be considered a new visitor and will be assigned a new cookie. However, the platform will automatically deduplicate form submissions coming from the same email address, even if different browser cookies were associated with the submissions.

Since cookies are unique to a browser, if two people share a single computer, their submissions will be associated with the same contact record. This deduplication by cookie ensures that if a contact submits multiple forms on our website using different email addresses, all submissions will be associated with a single record in the platform since they are all from the same contact. Keep in mind that if you submit multiple test submissions from one browser with different email addresses, these submissions will overwrite each other on a single contact record in the platform due to the common tracking cookie. The best way to test submissions, if you don’t want them to be associated with the same contact, is to test using the private browsing mode of your web browser.

The platform will also attribute visits to a contact if the contact clicks a link in a tracked marketing email which directs to a page with the platform tracking code installed.

2. Form Submission

A user may contact us via email, phone or live chat. An online user who wants to contact us, send a request or show an interest in our products and services may submit a corresponding online form on our websites. A user who makes a purchase order must submit an online order form on our website. As part of our business operation requirement, form submissions will require basic information such as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (Optional)
  • Comment (Optional)
  • Account Executive (Optional)

For ecommerce transactions, customers will also be required to provide additional information such as their address and credit card/PayPal information in order to finish the transaction. Customer’s credit card/PayPal information are not stored in our marketing automation or CRM system.

3. What We Track via our Automation Platform

  • Users’ activities and interaction on our Marketing websites, blog, status page, and support portal
  • Users’ interaction with our online ads
  • Users’ interaction with our social media messages
  • Users’ behavior engagement with our email communications

4. How Your Data is Used

  • Providing customer service and account maintenance if you have made a purchase of our services
  • Internal reporting and analytics of user behavior to optimize web user experience and our product offerings
  • Internal database management and segmentation
  • Better, more customized email content sent to individual users and/or customers
  • Email delivery of marketing news, product updates, technical support notices and new blog post notifications to applicable groups of users and/or customers; sales contact
  • All customer data is only accessed and used by authorized personnel within our company and/or our approved data processors and is not shared with other unauthorized external third parties

5. Communications Preferences

There are 4 types of communications that are sent out to our users and customers based on the email content, customer lifecycles, and segmentation

  • News, Offers & Resources: Our news and announcements about where we’re going to be next, plus exclusive deals and offers
  • Our Blog: See our latest articles with helpful tips on using edge services, customer case studies and latest trends in online security
  • Products and Services: We’ll let you know when we add new features, announce a new product or augment our global footprint
  • Support Notice: Direct notifications from our NOC including software patches, network conditions, technical support inquiries and other service information

6. Update Communication Preferences

You may click the “Update Communication Preferences” link in our email footer or go to Communications Preferences to update your communication preferences or click the “Unsubscribe” in our email footer to unsubscribe from all of our communications.

You may also update your communication preferences with us via phone or chat and we will update your preferences in our database systems accordingly within 2 business days upon receipt of your request.

Once a user opts out of one type of communications, such type of communications will not be sent to that user unless they come back to our website and opt in to receive the same type of communications again.

There is an “Opt in to Communications” checkbox. Once checked, users and/or customers will start receiving our communications about our news, offers, corporate announcements, new blog post notifications, product and service updates and/or other Marketing email communications. Users and/or customers may also go to Communications Preferences to choose the types of communications they wish to receive from us.

If you are a new visitor and the above form field is unchecked or selected as “No”, we will not send you any of our marketing communications, blog post notifications, and product and service updates. However, you may still receive our Support Notice communications unless you opt out of this type of communication when updating your communication preferences.