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Better Audience Experiences

More Scalability & Control

Higher Security & Protection

Lower Total Cost of Operations

The challenges inherent to providing video and audio to audiences worldwide can be a showstopper. As audiences grow, so do their expectations and impatience with issues like buffering, down-rezzing, sync failure, and device incompatibility.

StackPath is a complete edge-computing platform, giving you a full range of options for solving these challenges by getting your media and entertainment workloads closer to end-users than ever before. See how. Your show must go on.

We check the serverless script code right into a GitHub repository and use StackPath’s CLI to deploy it. Within seconds it’s live. There’s virtually no population time. It’s great.”

Jason Byrne • VP, Software Development, FloSports

Case Study

Industry-leading studios, publishers, and game technology providers find StackPath wins for:

Large file delivery

Give end-users worldwide fast and reliable downloads for video and audio files of all sizes, with advanced features including segmented file downloads and unlimited file sizes.

Media streaming

Accelerate, protect and even customize on-demand video and audio content without decreasing performance, and maintain total control over how and where your assets are delivered.

Live streaming

Stream live events to audiences worldwide without sacrificing video/audio quality, maximum or ideal number of viewers, and other key experience variables while still maintaining synchronization.


Our platform literally gives gaming workloads an edge. Actually, make that “edges,” plural. Here’re a few examples.

Fast, Flawless Downloads and Streams

Our advanced global delivery technologies include segmented downloads, unlimited file sizes and more to keep downloads fast, efficient and dependable without compromising quality or security.

Scalability for Demand Spikes and Growth

Our edge locations worldwide and massive, high-speed global network let you prepare to scale for temporary spikes as well as sustained growth, preventing viewer frustration caused by surging demand.

3x Faster End-user to Compute Connections

Our virtual machines and containers are deployed in our edge locations worldwide, letting you put workloads closer to end-users and create exceptional low latency experiences.

On-the-fly Content Personalization

Dynamic delivery features, including Serverless Scripting, make it easy to customize content on delivery, including ad insertion, matching file formats to devices, and more, to personalize content to individual audience members.

Content and Application Security

Built-in and easy-to-use solutions and features, including content protection policies, WAF, and Layer-7 DDoS attack mitigation let you tailor DRM, access/availability, and more to protect your assets and bottom line.

Streamlined Operations and Cost

With the power of our edge compute and applications, unified in a single platform with a global private network backbone and full automation for direct control via API or customer portal, StackPath can help simplify and reduce overall operations and costs.

Global private network backbone

All StackPath solutions leverage our edge network with a private backbone between our locations for faster, secure, intelligent data transfer.



EDGE Locations


Egress Capacity


Empower video and audio workloads with industry-leading edge applications running on our global edge platform.

Edge Compute

Deploy media servers, applications and services on your terms, with virtual machines or containers in our edge locations worldwide.

Up to 3x faster connections


Anycast IP Addresses

Network Policy Controls

A simple illustration showing ease of application distribution
A simple illustration showing ease of automation

Edge Delivery

Accelerate, customize, and control delivery of video and audio files, content insertions, and more with an intelligent CDN with powerful features, including:

Direct Connect

Edge Security

Protect media servers and applications with a powerful cloud firewall that provides enterprise-grade protection with little-to-no setup and configuration required.

Extensive standard security policies

OWASP threat protection

Device-level fingerprinting

Bot protection

Layer-7 DDoS attack mitigation

A simple illustration showing ease of use for StackPath WAF

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Powering all of StackPath is a high-performance, fully automated, and completely secure global platform that seamlessly integrates best-in-class orchestration, hardware infrastructure, and network architecture.

Edge locations

73 edge locations strategically deployed where customers’ end-users are most densely concentrated. Unlike legacy providers’, each location is a complete deployment of our computing, networking, and orchestration stack.


Our orchestration engine provisions and manages all aspects of SP// edge IaaS, edge applications, and accounts, and puts the whole StackPath platform at customers’ fingertips via an easy to use customer portal and comprehensive APIs.

Edge network

Our multi-dimensional network provides high-speed throughput (with up to 95% of all traffic handed directly to last-mile networks) and exceptional total egress capacity (100+Tbps). Also, it keeps data off the public internet as long as possible.