Deliver far beyond your end-users’ expectations.

High Speed Performance

Full Visibility

Increased Security

Lower Total Costs

End-users have you stuck between the cloud and a hard place. The assets that you need to deliver get larger, more dynamic and more diverse every day. Yet end-users expect them faster, more flawless, and more frequently than ever before.

SP// CDN has comprehensive built-in capabilities to solve your most pressing delivery challenges, including content protection and asset optimization. Meanwhile, robust customization tools and features let you fine-tune your delivery’s smallest details and even create unique functionality and flows.

Put us in between you and your end-users’ highest demands.

Website acceleration

Accelerate page loads, video and audio streams, API interactions and more to retain users, improve SEO scores, and reduce performance overhead that has kept you from creating richer end-user experience

Large file delivery

Give end-users around the world fast and reliable downloads of large files like software and game installers, HD and 4K video and more, with advanced features including segmented file downloading and unlimited file sizes.

Content customization

Tailor content and the way it is delivered to individual users for highly personalized and highly optimized end-user experiences and exceptional performance, security, and control over how and where assets are delivered.

High-speed performance

Worldwide edge locations, redundant Tier-1 carrier connections, global Anycast, a private network backbone between all locations, and exceptional cache depth deliver your content to your end-users with an exceptionally low time to first byte (TTFB).

A simple illustration showing StackPath EdgeSSL ease of distribution on StackPath CDN

Increased security

Content protection features, delivery control, DDoS attack mitigation, SSL, a private network backbone and other platform-wide security measures enable you to better protect content and operations, reducing the cost of business lost to downtime, theft and other malicious activity.

Full visibility

Built-in analytics and reporting, comprehensive standard policies that can be directly managed through our customer portal, a RESTful API, and customization options, including Serverless Scripting, give you full control and exceptional customization of the finest details.

A simple illustration showing StackPath portal ease of use

A simple illustration showing StackPath CDN benefits

Lower total costs

Altogether, our platform and products can help you reduce total bandwidth consumption, reduce downtime, and increase accessibility, leading to lower operational costs and optimizing your assets’ monetization.

Give your Gaming or Media workloads an edge.

Key features

Custom Rules Engine

Our easy-to-use CDN rules engine lets you create EdgeRules™, to set policies and automate unique content and delivery behaviors, including how requests are handled and how and what content is delivered. Our extensive cache control features make it easy to fine-tune your CDN behavior to have superior content availability, control and delivery flexibility.

Serverless Scripting

Extend SP// CDN by building stateless applications on our global edge computing platform. Create unique workflows and capabilities that are always on, cost-effective and secure, without having to deploy or manage infrastructure on your own.

Built-in Asset Optimization

SP// CDN includes essential and unique optimization tools to simplify keeping your content ready to deliver, including: GZIP compression, large file segmentation, canonical header insertion.

Origin Shield

Add Origin Shield for even more origin protection and delivery optimization. Origin Shied aggregates, deduplicates, and consolidates requests from multiple edge locations. Reduce burden on origins and minimize origin bandwidth costs.

SSL Certificate Management

EdgeSSL®, our SSL certificate management solution, lets you move the burden of SSL from your origins and reduce the performance costs of SSL encryption by serving your certificates from the edge. Use your own private SSL certificate uploaded to the StackPath Control Portal, or a free private SSL certificate provided by StackPath.

Real-time Analytics

SP// CDN provides full-time reporting on key CDN, content and origin performance variables including.

  • Bandwidth Usage (bps)
  • Requests
  • Delivery by Geo/Network
  • Cache Hit Ratio
  • Request Hit Ratio
  • HTTP Status Codes

Direct Connect

Connect your network directly to our edge platform. Built for workloads with large traffic volumes and high-frequency origin calls, Direct Connect gives you a high-speed, high-security express lane for ingress and egress traffic. Bypass the public internet to reduce bottlenecks and congestion, minimize hops that add latency and are potential points of packet loss or corruption, decrease exposure to malicious activity and threats, and lower your total transit provider costs.​

Image Optimization

Add SP// Image Optimization for even lower latency when delivering image files. Our image optimizer automatically reformats and resizes raw image files based on end-user requirements, then caches each optimized version for future requests.​

Support Plans

Our optional Silver, Gold, and Platinum Support Plans provide increasing levels of our acclaimed customer and technical support, so that you tailor the level of engagement and assistance you need from StackPath to your specific workload and internal skill levels and resources.

Learn more about the SP// platform

Powering all of StackPath is a high-performance, fully automated, and completely secure global platform that seamlessly integrates best-in-class orchestration, hardware infrastructure, and network architecture.

Edge locations

73 edge locations strategically deployed where customers’ end-users are most densely concentrated. Unlike legacy providers’, each location is a complete deployment of our computing, networking, and orchestration stack.


Our orchestration engine provisions and manages all aspects of SP// edge IaaS, edge applications, and accounts, and puts the whole StackPath platform at customers’ fingertips via an easy to use customer portal and comprehensive APIs.

Edge network

Our multi-dimensional network provides high-speed throughput (with up to 95% of all traffic handed directly to last-mile networks) and exceptional total egress capacity (100+Tbps). Also, it keeps data off the public internet as long as possible.


For enterprise pricing please contact sales.

CDN Bandwidth1TB / month
CDN RequestsIncluded
CDN EdgeRules™Included
CDN Edge LocationsAll
SSL CertificateIncluded
Standard Support*Included
$27.50 / month
* See Support page for details and upgrade options.
Additional CDN Bandwidth
1TB up to 100TB$0.044 / GB
100TB up to 1PB$0.033 / GB
Above 1PBContact us
SP// Origin Shield
Pay as you use$0.033 / GB
SP// Direct Connect
Setup$3,500 / port
10G Port$500 / month
100G Port$2,000 / month
Additional CDN Site
CDN Site$1.10 / site / month
Image Optimization
TiersStarting at $525 / month
Setup FeeStarting at $755
Additional Requests$0.002625 – $0.000039 / Tier
Detailed PricingContact us

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