SP// Image

Optimize end-user experience and site performance. StackPath Image Optimization converts, scales and compresses images to best suit the profile and conditions of a requesting device and its network.

Use Cases

StackPath Image Optimization can improve performance, image quality, and overall costs.

Reduce load time

Images can be the biggest cause of long load times, killing user attention. StackPath gets images to end-users faster, increasing user engagement.

Increase image quality

Different devices will display the same image in different ways. StackPath ensures images will look their best on each requesting device.

Reduce origin costs

Converting and serving multiple versions of images from the origin adds unnecessary costs. StackPath transcodes and caches versions at the edge.

Improve page rankings

Search engines consider load time in site rankings. StackPath can help reduce load time, leading to higher rankings and increased traffic.

How it works

SP// Image Optimization works automatically in the background, for blazing fast image delivery across the global SP// network.

A diagram showing how StackPath Image Optimization works


End-user device requests an image. SP// CDN pulls the source image from the origin and sends it to Image Optimization.


The image is immediately converted to the best format, dimensions, and compression level for the requesting device.

Deliver & Cache

The image is delivered to the end-user and cached around the world to serve when future, matching requests are made.