Proactive Website Monitoring

Track the performance and availability of endpoints, APIs, websites, and applications from the local perspective of your users.

Worldwide Monitoring Network

Internet traffic conditions are different for every user. Their physical location and network carrier matter. StackPath Monitoring gives you full control over where checks are executed from, right down to the last mile network vendor. Monitor your systems where your users are.


Select from StackPath operated PoPs and a range of independent 3rd party data centers including from within the major cloud providers.

Filter and select locations based on country, city, and network carrier.

Performance and availability monitoring by location.

How It Works

StackPath Monitoring makes advanced monitoring easy, so that you can catch issues before they become incidents.

Choose Monitoring Locations

Specify any or all of our 37 monitoring nodes from which you want your services watched.

Set Monitoring Parameters

Look for expected strings, error messages, or any type of response body or headers to ensure that your systems are not just replying, but also responding correctly.

Set Monitoring Frequency

Find out about problems before your users do. Schedule requests as often as every 30 seconds or as infrequently as daily. Alerts are sent instantly following each check.

Set Notification Preferences

Be notified as soon as problems arise with email alerts to recipients of your choosing.

Rapid Deployment

Set up in seconds. StackPath monitoring can be configured using a simple web UI or completely automated using our API. Make monitoring a turnkey, standard element of every service you build or manage.


Clear and Detailed Reporting

Track and troubleshoot issues with detailed information on an extensive range of system and network parameters, and reports that can be segmented by time period and geographic location.

Convenient Dashboards

At-a-glance visualization and detailed troubleshooting helps identification and diagnosis of issues before they cause downtime.

Detailed Performance Monitoring

Examine geographic availability and performance with a full connection breakdown of DNS lookup, negotiation, time to first byte (TTFB), and content download. Troubleshoot errors with response header and body debugging and network trace-routes.


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Get CDN, WAF, DNS, and Monitoring all in one package.

Edge Delivery 20

Edge Delivery 20

For professional websites and blogs with standard content and average traffic levels.

  • CDN – 1TB/mo Bandwidth
  • WAF – 5M/mo Requests & 5 Rules
  • DNS – 2M/mo DNS Requests
  • Monitoring – 1 Service
Edge Delivery 200

Edge Delivery 200

For SMB websites, digital stores, SaaS properties and more with rich content and moderate traffic.

  • CDN – 10TB/mo Bandwidth
  • WAF – 10M/mo Requests & 10 Rules
  • DNS – 5M/mo DNS Requests
  • Monitoring – 5 Services
Edge Delivery 2000

Edge Delivery 2000

For large cloud properties, applications, and platforms with advanced requirements.

  • CDN – 100TB/mo Bandwidth
  • WAF – 50M/mo Requests & 20 Rules
  • DNS – 10M/mo DNS Requests
  • Monitoring – 10 Services
Monitoring 10

Monitoring 10

Be first to know of any availability or performance issues.

  • 5 Monitored Services
  • 34 Location Checks
  • 30-day Data Retention
  • 5-minute Check Interval

Easy to Manage

StackPath Monitoring is designed to allow you to manage and control it on your terms.
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Simple Setup

Simple Setup

Our customer portal’s streamlined workflows make setup and management simple. So you can get your Monitoring set up fast and don’t get lost in screens of settings and switches.

Advanced Control

Advanced Control

Our API and customer portal gives technical experts access to extremely granular monitoring control, including configuration of HTTP(S) and/or TCP requests to load websites, query APIs, and more.