Origin Shield

Shield your origin server from request overload. StackPath Origin Shield adds to StackPath CDN a mid-tier caching layer on globally-placed PoPs, with intelligent request routing to keep you up and running.

Protect your origin from traffic spikes

StackPath Origin Shield can drastically reduce the requests to your origin by side-pulling new content from a shielded PoP close to your origin.

High resiliency

Even our protection has protection. StackPath uses advanced load balancing to equally distribute load and provide dynamic failover. If there are network connectivity issues, requests are automatically rerouted to another edge location.

Global optimization

Origins are all around the world, so our StackPath is too. Rather than on a separate network, our Origin Shield runs in all global StackPath PoPs, allowing StackPath to use any of our locations for your shield to create the most direct path to your origin and optimizing your bandwidth.

How it works

Whether you provision fresh content often or occasionally purge cache for large files, Origin Shield lets you handle request spikes gracefully.

A simple illustration showing PoPs overloading an origin server with requests.

Without Origin Shield

If you reset your cache or publish new content on your origin every request for content from every edge location gets sent to your origin. This can quickly overload it.

A simple illustration showing StackPath Origin Shield

With Origin Shield

Multiple edge requests for uncached content get sent to the Origin Shield, where they are aggregated into a single origin request. And then the content is cached at the shield and further distributed to the requesting edge locations.