Propel Startup Program

Launching a successful startup requires more than hard work and a big idea. You need tangible resources, strong insights, and expert advice. We created StackPath Propel to provide qualifying early-stage companies thrust to get off the ground and accelerate towards success.

Secure Edge Services

12 Months Free

CDN, WAF, Managed DNS, and Monitoring, including, 100TB/mo Bandwidth, 50M/mo WAF Requests, 10M/mo DNS Queries, 10 Monitored Services, DDoS Protection, and more.

Virtual Private Network

12 Months Free

5 fully-featured VPN user accounts FREE for one year, for connecting to our leading private network and protecting your work on any device.

Tech & Business Mentoring

Insight & Advice

One-on-one consultations and advice from StackPath experts on topics including best practices, project management, and common early-stage challenges.

Professional Networking

Events & Meetups

Regular regional and national happy hours, meetups, and more, connecting early-stage companies to one another, incubators, VCs, and the StackPath team.

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Start protecting your startup's edge today.

We're currently accepting applications from pre-series B companies or with authorization from the ecosystem team. Existing StackPath accounts are not eligible at this time.

Upcoming Events
Event Logo Ces

JAN 8 - 11, 2019 • LAS VEGAS


We are unveiling new products to help the consumer electronics industry all the time so will be at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to talk about all StackPath has to offer.


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Event Logo Dew

FEB 4- 5, 2019 • LOS ANGELES

DEW - Digital Entertainment World

We'll be at Digital Entertainment World speaking with digital-minded executives and professionals like us who are focused on digital content. Because we can help with that.


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Event Logo Saastr

FEB 5 - 7, 2019 • SAN FRANCISCO


We are founders ourselves and we help founders of other startups through our Propel program. We'll be at SassStr to talk with the global B2B SaaS community about all the ways we touch their world.


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Latest News


StackPath Launches EdgeEngine™ Serverless Computing

DALLAS, TX, Nov. 27, 2018 —

StackPath, a leading platform of secure edge services, today announced StackPath EdgeEngine™, a simple yet powerful serverless computing service that lets developers run code at the cloud’s edge without a server, virtual machine, or container.

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Serverless Edge Computing: Let’s Change Every Thing

On November 27th we launched StackPath EdgeEngine™, a powerful serverless computing service that lets developers simply run customized scripts in more places on the globe and on a network with more capacity, higher performance, and more security.

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In The News

Building Out the Edge

"Absent a playbook, one of the best ways to understand an emerging market is to look at what specific players are doing and why. StackPath, the three-year-old startup founded by Lance Crosby – whose last company, SoftLayer, sold to IBM for $2 billion in 2013 – makes for a telling case study in edge computing. It’s both a consumer of edge computing infrastructure and a provider of services this kind of infrastructure enables, so it has visibility both up and down the food chain."

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