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Running serverless scripts as the edge is a relatively new concept in edge computing. However, many companies have already started using this technology to create low-latency nanoservices and perform everything from JWT token validation to “cookie syncing” at the network edge, with a simple script.

Below, you’ll find stories about StackPath customers leveraging edge serverless to make their products faster and more compartmentalized.

Using serverless for faster cookie syncing

A global media company that publishes 100+ digital brands that reach 203 million online users every month uses edge serverless to improve the “real time-ness” of its real time bidding (RTB) platform that advertisers use.

After the Ad Tech engineering team investigated ways to optimize a part of their user identity technology called the “cookie sync”—the trade of anonymous user identifiers between two domains that allows for better quality ads—they determined that edge serverless was the best solution.

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Using serverless to gate premium video content

An over-the-top subscription sports broadcaster experienced problems with viewers tampering with URLs to gain unauthorized access to paid content. To patch that hole, the broadcaster began individually signing each video URL to allow access. But this created unnecessary round trips to the server.

To secure content while decreasing round trips and latency, the broadcaster used edge-side scripts to look for JWT tokens and perform authentication as close as possible to the end user.

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