StackPath Unveils New EdgeEngine Capabilities

Serverless Computing Service Grows Even More Powerful

DALLAS — April 3, 2019 — StackPath, the world’s first secure edge platform, today announced new features and tools for StackPath EdgeEngine, the company’s simple yet powerful serverless computing service that lets developers run code at the cloud’s edge without a server, virtual machine, or container. The new features include an EdgeEngine CLI tool, sandbox, and WebAssembly (WASM) support, making it easier for developers to create, test, customize, and control EdgeEngine scripts.

“We’re focused on helping developers easily build and innovate their solutions on the edge,” said Ben Gabler, StackPath Chief Product Officer. “EdgeEngine is built on modern technology and developers expect modern tooling to go with it. That includes opening up the language support beyond just JavaScript and providing tools to make getting on the edge even easier.”

StackPath has released three key improvements for the EdgeEngine:

  • EdgeEngine CLI tool: The EdgeEngine CLI tool allows developers to easily change scripts on the fly. Not only are new scripts/updates propagated to the entire Edge within 1-2 seconds, but with the CLI tool developers can now maintain version control in their existing CI/CD pipelines. The EdgeEngine CLI tool is available at
  • EdgeEngine Sandbox:The EdgeEngine Sandbox allows developers to create, test, and revise scripts before they are deployed to the edge, a critical step before pushing real-time business logic in front of an edge delivery solution. The EdgeEngine Sandbox is available at
  • WebAssembly Support:EdgeEngine now supports WebAssembly (WASM), enabling developers to write scripts at the edge in more than 20 different languages, including C, C++, Rust, Go, and many more. A growing set of examples for using WASM with EdgeEngine is available at

“As developers and users of our own technology, we constantly have ideas for making our products even more powerful and easier to use,” said Gabler. “Our team is at work creating more additional developer tools for our other Edge Computing products, such as containers and VMs, as well as our Edge Services including CDN, DNS, WAF, and monitoring.”

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